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Has the time finally come to get yourself and your significant other off the market? It sounds like you are in the market for an engagement ring. The good news is that the best place to buy the best diamond rings in Canada is available online and country wide. 

If that is the case, you might be wondering, how can you try on engagement rings online? Malleable is an online jewelry store, but our studio is available for in person consultation and fittings if you need it. You can shop for engagement rings online or in person, or better yet, design your own bespoke jewelry.

But what makes Malleable so special? Why is it the best place to buy engagement rings? The answer lies in the quality of our merchandise which is made through ethical business practices. Don’t worry about the impact on the environment your rings might have. Our stones and metals come from fair trade mines that have been approved to have a minimal environmental impact in the mining process and treat their workers ethically. 

You don’t need to worry about where to buy engagement rings anymore, because Malleable has the perfect rings for you. How can we back up such a bold claim? Simple. Malleable’s custom process allows us to make your dream rings. Our designs are only put into production as soon as you greenlight the design and budget. You will stay up to date throughout the entire process as we send you regular update photos during production.

Engagement rings 101

What should you be looking for when you go out to shop for engagement rings? Traditionally, people believed that the best diamond rings for your partner should cost at least 3 months’ worth of salary. Well, unfortunately that is just a myth thought up by jewelry stores in the 1950s. 

The best places to buy engagement rings do not have to be the most expensive. When you’re buying engagement rings, you are looking for something that looks the best on your partner. Besides his or her preferred style, you also need to know a little about the Four Cs when it comes to diamonds.

A style all their own

You might think choosing the right size is the most stressful part of picking a ring. But that’s just half of it. People who buy wedding rings should be looking for a ring that their partner can wear for the rest of their life. You need to find a diamond ring that sets your feelings for eachother into a dazzling stone and then wrap it up in a metal that compliments it best. 

The best way to find out what your partner wants from a wedding ring, without taking them out to shop for engagement rings personally, is to look at what jewelry they already own. Keep an eye out for what metals and types of gems they normally wear. Diamonds might not even be for them! You can also ask a close friend who your partner might have gone jewelry shopping with for advice.

The custom process

The best engagement rings Canada has to offer pale in comparison to what you and your partner can come up with. Malleable has a five step custom process for making or even remaking the best diamond rings in Canada. 

If design isn’t your strong suit, or if you have a heirloom ring you want to reuse, then Malleable can upcycle your jewelry into something special for you and your partner.


The first step in the custom process is a one hour consultation that you can hold online or in person. During this consultation we take into account the exact specifications of your engagement ring. This ranges from who you want to make the ring for to the time frame you want it completed and the budget you want to stick to. 

We encourage you to have a design in mind for when we start this process. Perhaps grab a ring your partner already owns or one you want to imitate from the internet. 


The materials they have on offer is the most important part to consider when you decide where to buy wedding rings. Malleable makes use of predominantly recycled metals and old stones when we make our jewelry. 

But this doesn’t mean we don’t have a wide variety of materials to choose from! During this step we will discuss the different stone placements and styles you can choose from. By the end of this step, we hope to have a solid understanding of what you want from your ring.

Digital design

From here the best store for engagement rings will send you a digital recreation of your design. This 3D sketch is the last line before we start making your wedding ring and we won’t start the process until you are 100% satisfied. 


As we put your perfect ring together, we’ll send you regular updates with pictures to let you know how the process is coming along. 


You have the option to come pick up your ring in person or to have it delivered to your doorstep. This step will also give you the option of including an appraisal, insurance and certification.

The four Cs in diamond rings

If you’re looking to add a diamond to that engagement ring, then you need to know a bit of what makes them so coveted. Most of the pricing for diamonds comes down to how you want the end product to look, not its carat weight. Let’s look at the 4 Cs before we craft the perfect engagement ring. 

These criteria are: The amount of impurities in your diamond, or its Clarity; The Colour of the diamond; The Carat weight; And the way you want your stone Cut. If you have any trouble picking your jewels, remember that Malleable is available to answer your questions online.


No diamond is flawless. Each one comes with tiny inclusions which are small imperfections that are rarely visible to the naked eye. They form naturally and aren’t a result of poor cutting, in fact, most can be cut out.

Clarity is a large contributor to the value of a diamond. But even if cutting out the inclusions might raise the value per carat, it will make it harder to cut it into a specific shape. 

An inclusion can be nearly undetectable if you look at it from the right angle. We can design your diamond engagement ring  in such a way that any imperfections will be expertly hidden. You can even work an inclusion into your design to help mask it. 


Diamonds range in colour from clear to light yellow. A letter scale, from D to Z, helps to categorize diamonds according to their clarity. Clearer diamonds are closer to D and are the more expensive option. 

You can use a yellower diamond and hide its colour depending on your chosen metal. Clearer diamonds reflect the metal that they are set in, so a pure diamond in a gold band might end up looking yellow anyway. Reflective metals, like platinum, have a similar effect. Platinum might amplify the yellow colour of a diamond. 


Your chosen cut can make or break a wedding ring. Cutting a diamond fundamentally changes the way light passes through it. It’s not for getting rid of impurities, but rather giving it more purity.

A diamond’s “fire” is what gives it life. It’s important to check a diamond under different light sources to see just how wide the range of colours is. A stone can skyrocket in value, even when compared to higher clarity diamonds, simply by cutting them in a proper manner. 


What is Carat, actually? It is a simple measurement of weight that can be a bit misleading by how high people value it in popular culture. A high carat diamond does not necessarily mean a larger or more expensive stone. 

Clarity is also an important factor when it comes to a diamond’s size. Inclusions can shift a gemstone’s weight and cutting out these impurities can shift the stone’s value per Carat, but change its overall size.

Carat is a nice way to compare stones when you are satisfied with the other three criteria on this list. Especially if you are working on a tight budget.

What is sustainable jewelry? 

You might have concerns that buying engagement rings nowadays is going to perpetuate a cycle of poor mining labour management, or worse, indirectly fund conflict. Mining is a risky business that has a lasting effect on the environment and in developing communities.

Now this might all seem out of left field. You were just looking for where to buy engagement rings. But everything has an effect on the environment, no matter how small. And although you can’t completely stop climate change, you can do your part to minimize the effects you and mining companies have on the world.

Malleable works with companies that are certified by the Kimberley process and Fairmined gold to ensure your engagement ring has in no way contributed to conflicts or the abuse of the environment, respectively.

The Kimberley Process

The Kimberley process is a certification scheme that enforces fair trade regulation for rough diamonds. Their main goal is to protect facets of legitimate diamond trade and prevent the sale of what are called “conflict diamonds.”

Conflict diamonds are an underhanded way in which conflict is financed. These “blood diamonds” are mainly used to undermine the spending power of a local government and to ensure a level of untraceable spending among terrorist groups. 

The Kimberley Process cuts this problem off at the roots. It ensures that the mines are not involved in any facet of conflict by testing and by researching mines before certifying them as conflict free. 

The Kimberley Process isn’t an international organisation since it has no permanent offices. Rather, it is run by a conglomerate of industries and participating countries. Most of its implemented strategies are based on the national legislation of the host country. 

Fairmined Gold

Fairmined gold is an assurance that rare metals are sourced through fair trade and environmentally friendly business practices. Fairmined is a standard to which many small scale mines and jewelry stores all over the world are held by. It ensures that the environment they are working in is protected. 

A Fairmined mine has to be small in scale to ensure it has as little impact on the earth as possible. These mines must prove that they safely handle the chemicals they use for mining, or better yet, not use any chemicals for mining in the first place.

The mine must also prove it is helping the community it is based near. This can range from ensuring gender equality among its workers and not making use of child labour. The mine has to help its community develop in a positive manner. 

Fairmined Gold is a way to ensure small mines aren’t shoved to the sidelines by larger mining companies. These certified mines receive assistance in legal matters when it comes to establishing a fair minimum asking price for their materials. Their workers are also given the rights to establish workers unions.

How Does This Affect the Final Product?

Your satisfaction is what Malleable strives towards. Your jewelry will always be of the highest quality regardless of whether we make use of recycled or ethically sourced materials.

If we are working with your heirlooms or crafting you a brand new wedding band, you can rest assured that we will deliver a quality product that exceeds your expectations. All while maintaining our vision of crafting ethical and environmentally friendly jewelry. 


When you go out to shop, engagement rings or otherwise, Malleable will offer you the unique look that only you and your significant other can come up with. Don’t let the weight of the planet hang off your ring finger, make use of Malleable’s recycled materials and make yourself a new ring out of an heirloom. Don’t settle for anything other than the best diamond rings in canada. 

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