Our Ethics Our Ethics

Our Ethics

We stand behind our ethics

Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of every piece we make at Malleable Jewellers — and for us, that means reusing and recycling metals and gemstones when possible, sourcing gold through our Fair Trade certified network, and ensuring all diamonds we source are conflict-free.

Green is our new gold

We are committed to using recycled precious metals and gemstones whenever possible. While the origin of recycled materials cannot be guaranteed, this allows us to rely more minimally on newly mined metals and stones, greatly reducing the environmental impact. We recycle most types of gold and precious gemstones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, offering value toward new pieces, custom jewellery and gift cards.

We believe in second chances

Our commitment to diverting materials from waste streams involves finding a use for all grades of gems. We believe every gem deserves a second chance, so our clients have the opportunity to choose from the most flawless to the most heavily included stones. We also work with clients to upcycle preloved jewellery into new pieces they’ll be excited to wear again.

Fair is Fairmined

When we are sourcing new materials, we ensure they’re ethically sourced. We use Fairmined Eco Gold, meaning we can trace the metal from the mine, right through the supply chain to your finger. And when it comes to supplier-sourced diamonds, we abide by the Kimberley Process to ensure they’re conflict-free. Our dedication to sustainable practices even extends to the packaging of our jewellery: You’ll receive a $5 credit when you trade in or decline packaging whilst also using compostable and/or recycled packaging. Because our biggest focus is sustainability, we remain accountable to our stakeholders by being a Certified B Corporation - redefining success in our business by building one that is ethically sustaintable and fair for everyone involved.

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