Diamond Selection Guide

Understanding the four Cs

Finding the Sparkle

Buying a diamond is not simply about choosing the biggest and clearest one in your budget, but by understanding how diamonds are cut, what colour and clarity really mean, and what size carat you need.

By partnering up with Jeweler Showcase, we’ve made purchasing a diamond straightforward and transparent. With the ability to select your perfect diamond, the price you see in the quote is what you’ll pay - nothing on top.

We recommend starting the process by learning about the 4Cs to understand how different "C" factors influence not only budget, but the overall design of a piece. Once you have determined your needs, select a diamond using Jeweler Showcase to add to your Malleable quote.

If you have any questions, our certified diamond specialist is happy to help!

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Clarity refers to the purity of a diamond in on a crystalline level. Microscopic imperfections called inclusions occur as diamonds form, which influence the reflection and refraction of light within the stone. Diamonds with fewer inclusions are considered of higher clarity, and price per carat will vary by grade.

A diamond with inclusions can work in your favour when managing your budget, as your jeweller may be able to design a clever solution to conceal inclusions. For example, a diamond with a slight inclusion on one side will appear flawless when hidden by a ring’s setting, saving you the cost of buying a higher clarity diamond.

Discover the COLOUR

Colour actually refers to the lack of colour in a diamond and it’s rated on a scale of D to Z from colourless to coloured. While your instinct may be to choose a near-colourless stone, a knowledgeable jewellery designer can guide you towards a stone that complements your chosen metal. For example, if your diamond will be set in platinum, a near-colourless stone is important, otherwise the diamond’s yellowness will be amplified. However, if the diamond is being set in yellow gold, the stone will reflect the colour of the metal, allowing you to choose a yellower stone without compromising the look of the final product.

Weighing the CARAT

Carat is the one C that most people know best as it refers to the weight of the diamond. But a larger carat does not mean a better stone. One way to optimize your budget is by putting more value in the other three Cs and choosing a diamond weight that is slightly less than you may have initially been considering.

Making the CUT

Cut is the most overlooked factor in diamond selection. It determines how light is distributed within the stone to create the stones fire. Cut is where you want to go big when it comes to your budget. An excellent cut, ¾ carat stone (faint colour) with slight inclusions can reflect more light than a larger, colourless, very slightly included, poor cut stone. One will distribute light, the other will appear lifeless.

Remember, each of the four Cs play a part in the overall beauty of your diamond and they are what make your diamond unique. It’s the combination of all four that determine your diamond’s value and rarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source your diamonds and gemstones?

Our recycled stones are recovered through our in-house recycling program. Otherwise, we source from a variety of ethical and conflict free suppliers. Our list of suppliers include Stuller, Hoover & Strong, PT Diamonds, and Sorbet Sapphire

Do you work with lab grown diamonds?

Yes! We work with a range of melee and large lab grown diamonds, so we can source the perfect stone for the job.

How are diamonds and other stones recycled?

Our goldsmiths are trained to carefully remove gemstones and diamonds from jewellery you no longer wear. We are then able to reuse them in a newly designed piece. 

How can I browse available diamonds?

Please contact our diamond specialists with the specifications of diamond(s) you're looking for, ie - shape, size, colour. Alternatively, if you provide us with your budget we can do all the work for you. 

From there, we are happy to source available diamonds for you to choose from. Our team can also help you choose the right diamond if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for. 

Do you have non-traditional cuts and colours of stones available?

Yes, we love using less common gemstones, colours and cuts in our pieces! Whatever you have in mind, we should be able to make it happen as we work with a variety of suppliers in order to provide a wide selection of unique stones. 

Do you offer diamond alternatives such as Moissanite?

Yes! Most of the colourless stones used in the pieces you see available are recycled or lab grown diamonds. However, we work with and can source alternatives such as moissanite, white sapphire, and goshenite.