Our Story

Malleable was founded in 2017 and has grown into a team united by a deep commitment to ethical jewellery making. Our aim is to create pieces that celebrate the uniqueness of each wearer, while adhering to the highest possible standards of sustainability in the industry. 

As one of the few Fairmined certified goldsmiths in Canada, Malleable is licensed to use ethically sourced gold and silver in all of our latest collections and custom designs. This means we can tell you exactly where the gold in our Fairmined jewellery was mined, and also ensure that the workers in our supply chain have been treated equitably. When possible, we also like to use recycled precious metals and gemstones in our pieces. While we can’t trace the origins of these materials, choosing to recycle helps us limit the environmental footprint of our jewellery. We often choose to use lab-grown diamonds in our creations, and abide by the Kimberley Process to ensure our natural diamonds are conflict-free.

By carefully sourcing all materials and creating our fine jewellery on-site, we can be certain we’re meeting the best ethical and environmental standards. Protecting workers and the planet are very important to us, and we know these are principles our clients value deeply as well. Our Toronto-based team consists of expertly trained goldsmiths with gemmology experience, local specialists, and an in-house HRD certified diamond grader.