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The engagement ring you choose is the one your partner will wear for the rest of their life; you want it to be more than special, you want it to be a perfect expression of their personality. At Malleable Jewellers, designing stunning custom engagement rings is one of our specialities.


If you’re considering investing in a custom engagement ring, the most important thing to remember is that it takes time, checkout our tips from our previous buyers guide — about three to five weeks depending on the complexity of your design and the availability of your chosen materials — to create your ring. Plan ahead and visit us early to make sure you have it when you want it.


When you visit us to create your custom engagement ring, here’s what you can expect:


1) Discuss your design and material ideas. We’ll get started by discussing your ideas for the ring. Having a basic idea of what you want your final design to look like goes a long way to ensuring you’re happy with the final product. But don’t worry if you don’t have a good sense of what you want, we are happy to share our expertise in helping you figure it out.


2) Review a sketch of your ring. After we discuss your vision, we’ll sketch it so you can better visualize the stone placement, profile of the ring and setting style.


3) Choose your stones. With an approved sketch in hand, now it’s time to find the perfect diamonds and/or gemstones. Unless you’re upcycling a stone or stones from an existing piece of jewellery, we will need to look through our recycled stones stock and/or reach out to our suppliers to pick the perfect one for your ring. Remember, we know a lot about how different gemstones will behave within your chosen precious metal so we can help you find the perfect stone that fits your budget.

With design and stone selection now complete, we’ll tally up your total cost (which includes labour and materials) and delivery date, process your payment and get started. Here’s what happens behind the scenes:


1) Digital design and 3D printing. The simple sketch that you first approved is now digitally designed using a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program called Matrix— the same program engineers use to design buildings. This creates a three-dimensional rendering of your ring. You will get a chance to see these renderings and make any minor adjustments (if necessary) before it is 3D printed in resin.



2) Casting, metal finishing, stone setting and final polishing. We take great pride in every piece of jewellery we make and your engagement ring is no exception. As your design is turned into reality, we ensure every detail is perfect throughout each stage of the manufacturing process.


3) Appraisal. Every custom ring we create is appraised by an independent jeweller before being delivered to you.


Your custom designed engagement ring is a meaningful expression of your love. Your options are almost endless, so let’s get started today.

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