Crescent Moon Pendant in Yellow Gold

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The crescent moon pendant is made in SCS recycled yellow gold. It glitters with a high polished finish and 0.28 carats of alternating colourless and champagne diamonds.

Design Specifications:

- Type: Necklace

- Material: SCS recycled yellow gold

- Width: 7mm

- Thickness: 3.2mm

- Finish: Polished

- Profile: Rounded curved reverse side

- Setting Style: Flush

- Stone: Diamond

Chain Specifications:

- Chain Length: 36mm

- Chain Style: Rope

- Chain Thickness: 1.5mm

- Metal Type: Yellow gold

Diamond Specifications (in descending order):

2mm natural champagne diamond

2.5mm natural colourless diamond

3mm natural champagne diamond

2.5mm  natural colourless diamond

2mm natural champagne diamond

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