A rough, grey diamond set into a rustic and polished yellow gold band
A rough, grey diamond set into a rustic and polished yellow gold band

Magma Kimberlite in Yellow Gold

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A ring unlike any other - a rough diamond is encased in smooth satin recycled gold, the contrasting textures complementing each other. An opulent and unusual statement ring. 

Design Specifications: 

- Type: Ring

- Material: SCS recycled yellow gold

- Width: 2.8mm - 3.4mm

- Thickness: 2.5mm - 9.5mm

- Finish: Luxe lustre

- Profile: Split shank

- Setting Style: Cast in place

- Stone: Diamond

Stone Specifications:

- Type: Rough diamond

- Shape: Rough

- Carat: 2.00

- Colour: Grey

    Our Kimberlite Process:

    We create the original piece you see pictured and then create any subsequent ones made to order, specially to fit you.

    Please reach out to us to confirm if we have the piece pictured in stock or for photos of another variation we may have in stock.

    Due to the one of a kind nature of the cast in place process, although the recreation is based on the model pictured, pieces WILL vary from pieces to piece but that’s one of the reasons why you love our Kimberlite Collection, because it is a true one of a kind.

    Due to this we do not accept any exchanges or refunds on our entire Kimberlite made to order and custom collection.

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