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Founded in 2017 by John Esposito, Malleable Jewellers is deeply committed to creating sustainable and ethical fine jewellery that expresses the uniqueness and boldness of the wearer.

As one of just two Fairtrade Licensee Goldsmiths in Canada, Malleable uses ethically sourced gold in all of our Fair Trade certified jewellery — in fact, we can tell you exactly where the gold in each piece came from. Whenever possible, we also like to use recycled precious metals and gemstones in our pieces. While we can’t trace the origins of these metals and stones, choosing recycled rather than newly mined materials helps us limit the environmental footprint of our jewellery. We also abide by the Kimberley Process to ensure all diamonds sourced from suppliers are conflict-free.

By carefully sourcing all materials and creating our fine jewellery on-site in our Toronto studio, we can ensure we’re meeting the highest ethical and environmental standards. Protecting workers who source materials and the planet are very important to us, and we know these are principles our clients value deeply, too.

Originally from England, John formally studied gemmology and jewellery arts, as well as being a HRD certified diamond grader. John, has a breadth of experience in the jewellery industry, first working for a bullion dealers, before becoming a broker between goldsmiths and jewellers.

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