Stacked Rings

Stacked Rings

If you are looking for a bit of guidance with ring stacking, then you are in luck! In this article, we will highlight what you need to know about stacked rings. So if you are ready to learn how to stack your rings in the best way continue reading. 

Ring stacking is a timeless trick to elevate your outfits, as well as simply make your outfit a bit more fun. When wearing stacked rings they are a few factors that need to be kept in mind, including the type of rings and the size of rings you want to add to your ring stack. If you want a bit of guidance on how to wear stacked rings you can follow a few guidelines that we have included in this article. You may be thinking that stacked rings are not for you but just trust us, there is a way to wear stacked rings that will suit different styles. 

What are stacked rings? 

Stacked rings or layered rings are a style of wearing multiple rings on one finger or many different fingers on a hand. Ring stacking is a popular fashion trend that allows you to show off your different rings at once. Wearing a ring stack allows your rings to stand out more than they actually would if you were simply wearing just one ring. 

A common ring stack that is usually worn includes a bride’s engagement ring and wedding ring. Even though this might only include two rings but can even include three rings, which are all worn on one finger. People who plan on wearing their engagement ring and wedding ring as a ring stack usually choose the two rings to suit each other. 

There is a wide variety of ring stacks that can be made to suit your style. If you would like a simple ring stack you might prefer going with a one-colour metal stack, this can include a set of a few gold rings worn on one or multiple fingers. However, if you want something a bit more creative and out there you might prefer a multi-colour ring stack, that could even include rings with different stones. The type of stack that you want is really up to you can how you want to style your rings. 

Size of ring stacks 

Ring stacks can be made in different sizes, usually, a ring stack will include three to four rings that will be worn on one finger. However, the size of your ring stack will depend on how many rings you would like to wear in your stack, this is usually dependent on your style preference. 

When it comes to layering rings there are no exact rules of how many can be worn. While there might not be rules, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when for the size of your ring stack. It is important to make sure that your ring stack allows your fingers to comfortably move when wearing the ring stack. The last thing you want to have to deal with is not being able to move your fingers because of your rings. This is why it is a good idea to stick to the general guideline of having between three to four rings in your stack. 

Another factor to consider when deciding on the size that you would like your ring stack to be is the width of each ring. Most ring stacks will include at least one ring with a larger width than usually sits in the centre and a few smaller rings around it. However, other popular stacks also include wearing the same width ring in one stack, it is dependent on what you are comfortable with. 

6 Ring stack combinations to try

Wearing ring stacks gives you the freedom to choose a wide range of different rings to wear at once. This gives you the creative freedom to try out different styles until you find something that feels comfortable and suits your style. To help give you some inspiration and kick off your ideas of ring stacks here are a few popular ring stack combinations to try: 

Different colour metal rings

Wearing a different colour metal at the same time might not be for everyone, however, if you use a combination of metals that complement each other this ring stack can be beautiful. If you are someone who would like something a bit more subtle but is interested in the different colour metal options a safe option is to pair platinum and white gold rings together. 

However, if you are feeling a bit risker a good ring stack combination of different metal colours to try, would be combining your white gold or platinum rings with a gold ring. Another a bit more daring choice of a ring stack with multiple colours could include rings that are yellow and rose gold. These ring stacks can be worn on one finger or many different fingers if you would like a more spread-out look.

Combination of statements and simple rings

A classic ring stack combination that never fails is pairing a statement ring with simple rings. This is a great layering option if you are someone who prefers your jewelry to be a bit more elegant and simple. This ring stack technique is commonly used to stack engagement rings and a wedding band but can be to stack different statement rings. 

Usually, the statement ring will either sit between two simple rings to make sure that it is the main focus of the ring stack. However, some ring stacks might just include two rings, in this case, it is important to make sure the rings complement each other well. 


Matching stones rings

A beautiful and eye-catching ring stack combination to try is pairing rings that have matching stones. These rings will usually have the same colour stone which will be a statement piece for your look. If you are looking for a more elegant way to stack matching stone rings then you should go with rings that have smaller stones. 

Multiple-coloured stones rings

Stacking multiple coloured stone rings is a combination that will make your rings stand out. To make sure that your ring stack still has an elegant look to it make sure to choose rings with stone colours that compliment each other. It is also a good idea to stick with one colour of metal when stacking multiple-coloured stone rings. To avoid this jewelry set from looking too busy which can end up running your outfit. 

Different shaped rings 

If you are someone that prefers your style to be a bit more fun and unique, then you will probably love a ring stack of different shaped rings. This type of ring stack does not usually include that would not typically go with each other. However, combining different shaped rings like mixing a marques ring with an oval ring is unique and will stand out. 

Dainty rings 

Another classic choice of a ring stack combination that you can never go wrong with is combining dainty rings. These include thin rings that are usually thin and do not have very large stones on them. These rings are easy to pair with each other and create the perfect set of stackable rings. 

How to wear stack rings 

If you are new to stacked rings, learning how to stack your rings might feel a bit overwhelming at first. This is usually because there are no exact rules when it comes to stacking rings while that can be quite fun. However,  it can also make it a bit difficult for someone new to the jewelry styling technique. To help you get started and make this process a bit easier here are a few factors to think about before layering your rings:

Add a personal touch 

Whenever you stack rings it is always important to keep your style in mind. Certain stacks with specific rings will just not suit some people because it does not fit their style. Stacked rings are very unique so make sure to try to choose the style that will suit you. 

Number of fingers you will style 

Before you choose which rings you would like to include in your stacked ring set, a good idea is to start with figuring out how many fingers are you going to style. Deciding how many fingers you will style before choosing the rings, it will prevent you from choosing too many rings in your ring stack. 


Stacking combination 

After you know how many fingers you would like to style the next step is deciding on the stacking combination that you want to go with. Deciding on the stacking combination will also help you decide which rings you would like to add to your stack. 

With so many stacking options to choose from, it is a good idea to keep in mind the type of look you are going for. If you want a more elegant and subtle look, then the combination of dainty or the combination of statement with a simple ring will be a good stacking combination. However, for more extravagant looks stacking combinations like matching stone rings or multiple colour stacked rings will be better suited.  

Reasons to wear stacked rings

If you are still on the fence about wearing stacked rings, here are a few reasons why you should try this jewelry styling technique: 

  • Style statement pieces - wearing stacked rings can be the statement piece for your outfit. These stacked rings can stake your outfit to the next level even when you are wearing something simple, a stacked ring set can make your outfit stand out.
  • All eyes will be on the multiple rings - when you wear stacked ring sets you might see that quite a few more people will notice your rings. Certain stacked ring combinations make your hands stand out making it easier for people to notice the different rings in your stacked ring set. 
  • You do not have to worry about choosing just one ring - you never have to worry about being torn between two different rings. Wearing stacked rings means that you can wear all of your favourite rings at once. 
  • You can always buy more rings - when you start stacking your rings you might want to start building your ring collection and who would not want to have more rings? 
  • Final Thoughts 

    Wearing stacked rings is a fun and fashionable way to style your rings by wearing multiple rings at once. Wearing stacked rings is great for highlighting statement rings, or occasions when you have trouble choosing just one ring. This jewelry styling technique will suit a wide range of people with different styles. Whether you are someone who prefers a simple, elegant look or someone who prefers an extravagant look there is a stacking combination that will suit your style.

    While you may have felt a bit overwhelmed when you first started stacking your rings, now that you know how to layer rings this process should be much easier. So do not wait any longer and start planning your ring stack for your next occasion. 

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