Rectangle Engagement Ring

If you are wondering which engagement ring cuts you should consider when looking for the perfect engagement ring, the rectangular engagement ring is a must-have on your list. This engagement ring cut is one of the most unique and elegant styles that will definitely capture everyone's attention with its sparkle. 

While the rectangle engagement ring may not be the most traditional cut, it has become increasingly popular over recent years. The unique engagement ring has been chosen by renowned style celebrities, including Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lawrence, and more. 

Finding an engagement ring cut to suit your style can be a bit overwhelming. After all, you want to make sure you choose a ring that you or your loved one will love years later. If you are unsure whether a rectangle engagement ring is for you, then you should continue reading. In this article, we will highlight what you need to know about rectangle engagement rings, their different settings, and more. 

What is a rectangle engagement ring?

A rectangle engagement ring features a stone that is elongated with one-directional lines and simply has a rectangular shape. What may surprise most people is that the rectangular-shaped engagement ring is one of the oldest diamond cuts, dating back to the 1500s. 

Rings with stones that have a rectangular shape tend to be quite eye-catching and sparkly. This is because of their unique, rectangular shapes, which can capture and pass more light through them. This type of engagement ring cut includes the different styles of engagement rings that have stones with a rectangular shape. 

There are quite a few styles of engagement rings that have rectangular shapes. One of the most popular rectangular-shaped engagement rings is the emerald cut. An emerald-cut engagement ring has the classic elongated rectangular shape with linear facets. However, the corners of the stone are usually rounded or bevelled. 

Two other rectangular engagement rings are similar to the emerald cut. The first

includes the baguette cut. The baguette cut is almost exactly like the emerald cut. However, the stone has a smaller width. Another rectangular engagement ring cut that is similar to the emerald cut is the radiant cut engagement ring. Like the emerald cut, this cut features rectangular-shaped stone with rounded edges. However, the radiant cut has triangle facets.  

Diamond vs. moissanite rectangle engagement ring 

Suppose you have been looking at engagement rings for quite a while. In that case, you may have noticed that moissanite engagement rings have become increasingly popular. This has left quite a few people contemplating whether they should go with a diamond or a moissanite engagement ring. Fortunately, rectangle engagement rings come in diamond and moissanite, meaning the type of ring you want is completely up to you. 

After all, when it comes to which type of ring is better, it is all about personal preference and what you are looking for in an engagement ring. To help you make the right choice, here is what you need to know about the diamond and moissanite rectangle engagement rings. 

Diamond rectangle engagement ring 

Diamonds are known as the highest choice of precious stones for engagement rings. After all, diamonds have been the traditional choice of engagement ring stones for many years.

While diamonds are quite expensive, this precious stone also offers several benefits, making them a better choice for quite a few people. One of the main factors that make a diamond a better choice for some people is the durability of the stone. Diamond is the strongest naturally grown material. This also means the diamond ring's lifespan will be much longer. 

Diamonds also have a wide range of colours to choose from, allowing people to choose the colour they want. So if you prefer the more traditional choice and have dreamed of a diamond ring for years, then going with a rectangle diamond ring will be a better choice for you. 

Moissanite rectangle engagement ring

Even though moissanite might seem new, this stone has been around for some time. Moissanite is usually lab-grown. However, it is possible to find moissanite naturally, but it is rare. One of the great things about moissanite engagement rings is that these stones are sustainable and do not require harmful practices to manufacture these stones. 

Another important difference between moissanite engagement and diamond engagement rings is their prices. Moissanite engagement rings are much more affordable, meaning that you will be able to find your dream rectangle engagement ring without paying the hefty price of a diamond ring. 

A difference between moissanite and diamonds that may surprise a few people is the fact that moissanite has a higher brilliance. The reason for this is that the sparkle in moissanite is a result of the stone being double refractive. So if you are looking for a rectangle engagement ring that is sustainable, affordable and has more brilliance, then a moissanite engagement ring may be the one for you. 

Settings of rectangular engagement rings 

The setting of an engagement ring is just as important as the cut of stone you would like to have on your ring. A ring setting plays just as much of a role in the look and style of the ring as the diamond. 

The type of style you are going for plays a big role in the type of setting that you should go for. Whether you want your ring to have a more simple look or an extravagant look, this all depends on the style you choose. Rectangular engagement rings have quite a few setting options that you can choose from. The most popular settings consist of: 

Solitaire setting

A rectangular engagement ring with a solitaire setting features the rectangular diamond as the central focus on the ring. Solitaire settings have no other stones on the ring except the main stone. 

This setting is best for an engagement ring that has a high-quality rectangular diamond or moissanite stone because of the importance the setting places on the stone. If you are someone that is looking for an elegant and simple ring setting with the diamond to be the main focus, then the solitaire setting may be the one for you.

Halo setting 

The halo setting with a rectangular diamond is an eye-catching combination that will always have this ring sparkling. The halo setting features the rectangular diamond as the centre focus. This stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds that are designed to complement the main jewel. 

One of the great things about a halo setting is that it makes the ring look a bit fuller. If you are going with a smaller centre diamond and want this diamond to appear a bit bigger, the best way to do this is to go with a halo setting. This setting is perfect for people who prefer a simple style and even people who want a more extravagant ring. 

Double halo setting 

A double halo setting is similar to the halo setting as both of these settings have the main jewel in the centre, which is then surrounded by a ring of smaller stones. However, the double halo has two circles of stones that sit around the main stone and complement each other. 

While the double halo setting gives the ring a much fuller look, just as the halo setting does, it does not allow as much light to pass through it. This is because the centre diamond is usually smaller, and there are few spaces between the smaller diamonds, preventing less light from passing through. The double halo setting is the perfect choice for someone looking for a more eye-catching and extravagant ring.  

Bezel setting 


The bezel setting is quite similar to the solitaire setting, as it only has the rectangular diamond on the ring. However, the bezel setting features the rectangular stone in the centre, which is surrounded by metal and securely kept in place. If you are someone who is looking for a more simple but elegant style, then the bezel setting might be the perfect option for you. 


Side stone setting

If you are looking for one of the more extravagant settings, the side stone setting will be a much more fitting style. The side stone setting will usually feature three jewels on the ring. The center jewel will be the main jewel of the ring, which will have two smaller jewels on each side of it. This is the perfect engagement ring setting to go for if you want a ring that will sparkle because of the large diamonds that are usually on this type of ring. 

Metals for rectangle wedding rings

One of the most important decisions that a few people tend to forget is choosing the type of metal they would like their engagement ring to have. The type of metal you choose for your ring plays a role in the style of ring that you want. Different types of metal come in different colours, so it is a good idea to keep in mind to choose a metal that will complement the stone on your rectangle wedding ring. 

Another reason why the type of metal you choose is important is that the metal you choose will be able to support your rectangle diamond or moissanite stone and keep it secure on the ring. This is why you need to make sure to choose a metal that is durable and will not tarnish over time. The different types of metals that are commonly used for rectangle wedding rings include: 

  • Platinium 
  • Yellow gold 
  • White gold
  • Rose gold 

Benefits of rectangle engagement rings

The rectangle engagement ring might not be the most traditional engagement ring shape. However, it is one of the most popular shapes. The rectangular engagement ring shape being such a popular choice may be because of the benefits this ring offers. 

However, suppose you are still on the fence about choosing a rectangle engagement ring. In that case, the following benefits of this shape might help make this decision a bit easier. 

While rectangular engagement rings are quite popular, these rings are still unique compared to the normal round-cut engagement ring. There is also a wide variety of settings and different styles that rectangular engagement rings come in, allowing you to find a ring to suit your personal style. 

Perfect with all settings

One of the great points of choosing to go with a rectangle engagement ring is the large variety of settings. Unlike some diamond shapes, a rectangle engagement ring fits with almost all the more popular settings. 


Compared to other engagement ring shapes, rectangular engagement rings tends to sparkle a bit more because of their shape. The rectangular diamond has a more elongated shape, letting more light pass through the diamond creating a more sparkly diamond. 


Certain cuts of rectangular diamond rings like the emerald cut are more durable because of their rounded edges. This means if your ring has to accidentally bump against something, the ring should be durable enough to withstand this. 

Appears larger 

Rectangular engagement rings appear bigger than they are this is because of their elongated shape. If you want a diamond that will look bigger on your finger, then a rectangle engagement ring will be a good option. 

Final thoughts 

Rectangle engagement rings are one of the most elegant and unique engagement ring styles. When it comes to sparkly engagement rings, the rectangle engagement ring is one of the best because of the ring's elongated shape and sharp facets. This allows the light to pass in various directions of the ring, giving it an unforgettable sparkle. 

What's great about the rectangle engagement ring is that it comes in many different cuts, including emerald, baguette, and radiant. Rectangular engagement rings also come in a wide range of styles and different metals. This gives you a choice to find the rectangle engagement ring that will suit your style. 

Now that you know what you need to know about rectangle engagement rings, you can decide whether this is your dream engagement ring. So do not wait any longer and start browning the wide range of rectangle engagement rings.

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