Minimalist Engagement Rings

Finding the right engagement ring can be challenging, especially if your fiance is not obsessed with large, shiny diamonds. Thankfully, plenty of minimalist engagement rings are out there, so you are sure to find one perfect for your other half. 

When we think about engagement rings, we immediately think of big, expensive rocks. But every woman has her own style and preferences. Your fiance may prefer the style of dainty and minimal engagement rings over hipster engagement rings. 

This post looks at everything you need to know about modern, minimalist, simple engagement rings. 

What are minimal engagement rings?

Minimalist engagement rings are classic, timeless, and simple pieces of jewelry. They often feature a single center stone in a high-setting engagement ring or a cluster of a few smaller stones in a classic setting. 

Minimal, simple, modern engagement rings are not only trendy and adored by many, but their minimal design elements make them a style that will never go out of fashion. 

For some people, minimalist wedding rings may not be their first choice, but the timeless beauty of these rings is worth considering. 

Minimalist engagement rings have reduced intricate metalwork, fewer accent stones on the shank, and no large stones. This makes them less costly than other ring styles. 

What keeps the cost of a minimalist ring low is selecting a basic shank, an appropriately sized center stone with minimal sparkle. 

Why are minimalist engagement rings popular?

Minimal engagement rings are subtle and dainty, perfectly fitting today’s working women who enjoy wearing their jewelry daily. A simple engagement ring is easy and comfortable to wear daily. You don’t have to keep it locked away in a safe because the stone is too big. 

These delicate rings are also popular with females who love minimal jewelry that just adds a hint of sparkle without being too glittery. Minimal engagement rings are also popular among fashion lovers who enjoy stacking rings together. The thin engagement ring allows them to wear multiple other rings on the same finger. 

The benefits of minimalist engagement rings


A minimal engagement ring strikes the perfect balance between subtleness and beauty. You don’t have to stress overpowering your clothes because it has the perfect amount of shine without stealing the show. 

Safety and convenience

One of the common causes of an engagement ring being damaged is wearing it every day. The prongs get loosened. They catch onto your clothing and constantly knock against things. 

A simple, minimalist engagement ring is less of a nuisance. It will allow you to do your daily chores without catching onto things. 

More comfortable

A minimalist engagement ring has a shank with a width ranging from 1.5mm to 2.5mm. As a result, a thin engagement ring is lighter and more comfortable than a larger ring because it takes up less space on your finger.

Less metal 

As a minimalist engagement ring is smaller, it is made of less metal than a normal-sized ring. This means that you will be spending less on the actual ring and can put more money towards the quality of the diamonds. 


As stated above, minimalist engagement rings can be stacked with other rings. Their thin style and simplicity allow you to wear them with other rings to produce a personalized look. You can even stack your engagement ring with your wedding ring or other celebration rings to create a single piece of sentimental jewelry. 

Disadvantages of minimalist engagement rings

The lightweight and delicacy of a minimal engagement ring also come with its downfalls. 


If you have an active lifestyle, you must pay close attention to your fragile, simple ring during extreme activities. But a thinner engagement ring is not ideal because of its delicate structure. 

Stronger metals like platinum and 18ct white, yellow, or red gold are more suitable and durable engagement rings. 

Constant re-polishing may weaken the ring

If you want to keep your engagement ring clean and look spanking new, you will need to send it for maintenance regularly. This may be an issue if you have a simple engagement ring because constant polishing and cleaning will most likely weaken the ring. 

Different elements of minimal engagement rings

You need to be familiar with the different features you can choose from with minimalist engagement rings. What you prefer depends on your personal preferences and taste. 


A solitaire is the most classic choice of engagement ring. It consists of one center stone, which could be either a diamond or gemstone, in the setting you have selected. The metal elements that you choose will add more pomp to the ring without extra sparkle. 

The solitaire is an elegant and simple look. It is a classic, timeless design that can be handed down from generation to generation. 

Classic stone shapes

Traditional stone shapes are classic styles that will stay trendy for many years. These shapes include the oval, princess cut, and round shapes.

Simple stone shapes also offer the most sparkle of any other stone shape. 

Bezel set

If you have a busy lifestyle, then the bezel setting is a minimal design ideal for you.

A bezel setting holds the center stone by surrounding it in metal with a flush opening against the stone's surface. 

Bezel settings are very secure ring settings. They are perfect for people who enjoy outdoor activities or have a labour-intensive jobs. The design of this set is unlike other settings, giving your ring a unique look. 

Minimal accents

Eternity bands or rings with accents studded across the entire shank encounter more problems than simple rings. Accents on the bottom of your ring have a higher chance of the stones loosening and falling out, as they will most likely hit other things. 

If you prefer accents but a simpler design, add a few accent stones on each side of the center stone. 

Hidden halos

Halo settings are more glamorous and dazzling, but you can find modern styles with a simple look. Hidden halos, also known as peek-a-boo accents, are trending right now. 

You won’t be able to see these accents from the top view of the ring, but you will notice them when you look at your ring’s side profile. It’s a great balance between boldness and simplicity. 

Tiny side stones

Adding extra tiny side stones to your shank can perfectly enhance your center stone in a more subtle style than a three or five-stone ring. 

This design adds enough sparkle to make the center stone stand out while keeping it minimal for daily wear. 

Thin shank

A thin shank is a simple, modern, and minimal style ring. The thinner the shank, the bigger the center diamond or gemstone appears, making your finger look more polished and fancy. 

You need to be aware of a major downfall to this style. The thinner shank is vulnerable to damage. This is negatively impacted the accent stones. If the metal setting breaks, the accent stones can fall out. 


You can also add details to your ring through intricate metalwork. Metalwork is less out there and shiny than stones, which makes for a beautiful minimalist style. 

You can also add your personal touch to metalwork to make your ring more unique and personalized. For example, if you love dogs, then you can select metalwork with paw print patterns. 

Multiple prongs

If you choose a simple style, you can add more details to it to make it more beautiful. Multiple prong rings feature more metal around the center of your ring, which can attract more attention to it. 

Multiple prongs beautifully complement oval stone-shaped engagement rings. Double and triple prongs are also becoming increasingly popular and add a modern twist to a classic style. 

Why is a minimalist engagement ring a better choice?

Large rings don’t guarantee anything

A big ring doesn’t guarantee that you will remain together forever. According to research, simple engagement rings indicate a higher marriage success rate than bigger stones. 

Researchers discovered that people who spent about $4,000 on their engagement rings were 1.3 times more likely to go through a divorce than people who spent a maximum of $2,000 on their engagement rings. 

You want to remain relaxed

Spending a large amount of money on something can raise your stress levels. According to the same study, women with expensive engagement rings were three times more likely to become extremely stressed about the wedding costs. 

If you prefer to remain calm, then opting for a minimal engagement ring may be a good choice. 

You want to keep a low profile

Plenty of women love flaunting their extra-large engagement rings. However, if you are not an outspoken, loud person, you may prefer to keep a low profile.

Almost 50% of people are introverts who don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. It’s important to pick a ring that suits your personality. A smaller ring is perfect if you prefer to keep it to yourself. 

You have petite hands

A big ring is not ideal for everyone, especially if you have small hands. Maintaining the proportion between your ring and your hand size is important. 

A large rock may be too much for your delicate hands if you have petite hands. A ring with a thin band and a small shiny gem may suit you better. 

You are more interested in the details

The center stone is only one part of what makes your engagement ring so beautiful. You may not like a diamond solitaire in a minimal setting but rather a more detailed setting like one with engravings or detailed metal work that doesn’t require a big stone. 

You prefer quality rather than carat size

Those who know all about the 4C's will know that carat size is only one of the four elements. You also need to keep in mind the colour, cut, and clarity. A big diamond with lots of inclusions, a poor cut, and a yellow tint may be of significantly less value than an almost perfect diamond that is of a smaller size. 

Frequently asked questions

Are simple engagement rings better?

It depends on your personal style and choice. If you have smaller hands, an active lifestyle, or prefer detailed metalwork, a simple engagement ring may be a better choice for you. 

Are you supposed to wear your engagement ring every day?

Yes. An engagement ring is meant to be worn every day before and after your wedding. You can wear it throughout your marriage with your wedding ring too.

What do engagement rings symbolize?

An engagement ring represents a promise of marriage. It signifies loyalty and commitment to your partner. The shape of a ring also represents a meaning. 

Is 1 carat too small for an engagement ring?

This depends on your taste and style. An engagement ring with a 1-carat diamond is perfect for someone who wants a subtle, simple style. 

Our thoughts on minimalist engagement rings

Minimalist engagement rings are ideal for people who want a delicate engagement ring that is comfortable and light for everyday wear. 

While modern, minimalist engagement rings are trending, it does depend on what your likes and dislikes are. 

We hope that our guide to minimalist engagement rings will help you find the perfect engagement ring for yourself or your better half.

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