Men's Wedding Rings

The main focus is always on a woman's wedding and engagement rings. We all tend to forget about how special a men’s wedding rings are. 

Despite what society says men also deserve to have a spectacular wedding ring. Especially seeing as they do not usually get an engagement ring. 

Traditionally the bride will choose and buy their partner's wedding ring. Wedding rings for men and women used to be a surprise. That being said many couples are now deciding what they want together.

This helps to mitigate any disappointment for both parties involved. It is also exciting to have some input for something that you are planning to wear for the rest of your life. 

Gold wedding rings for men

A guy's wedding ring needs to have something unique and authentic about it. Too often does a man only get a plain band for a wedding ring. 

As our cultures develop and we become more aware of our individual identities we feel the need to be able to express ourselves.

Wedding rings for men can be a creative and tasteful place to achieve this. 

For a long time now white gold men's wedding rings have become popular. There was a definite abandonment of the traditional gold male wedding ring. Men used to be limited to men's gold band rings. Which were really just a plain gold band with no personality. 

Besides white gold, a lot of men were opting for rose gold, silver, titanium, or even tungsten. 

But now, the good old-fashioned yellow gold wedding rings are back. They are in style and have made their return with a bit of flair.

More men are choosing to set diamonds or gemstones into their wedding bands. 

Men's diamond wedding rings

As with any jewellery, it all comes down to your personal taste. It is perfectly acceptable for men’s wedding rings to have diamonds set in them.

Some men now have chosen to display diamonds in their wedding bands. There are various ways these rings are being done. 

Interesting designs for men’s wedding rings

Some men’s wedding rings are made up of more than one metal. There are classic designs with rose gold on the inside of the wedding ring. With tungsten on the outside of the marriage ring. 

  1. Classic court

    This is often considered to be the most common ring shape that men choose. It is round on the inside and outside.
  2. D-shaped ring

    The outside of this ring is round and thin. The inside is then flat. What this design does is offer a closer fit around a man's finger.
  3. Flat ring

    The flat ring is often said to be the more comfortable design of ring to wear. It is flat on the inside and the outside.
    The downside is that it can easily get caught on clothing and other materials, as well as machinery. And no one wants that.
  4. Flat court

    This is an interesting combination of two designs coming together. The flat court has a flat outside but is round on the inside. 

There are also styles of the finish of a man’s marriage ring to consider: 

  1. High polish

    This is generally what most men will opt for in their wedding ring. This high polish offers straight metal a smooth finish. Leaving the ring with a soft glimmering sheen.
  2. Matte

    More and more younger men are choosing the matte style. This is understated and takes away any shiny look. A lot more men are looking for a subtle look when it comes to their wedding rings.
  3. Combination

    This is exactly what it sounds like. This finish is somewhere between the high polish and the matte finish.
  4. Hammered

    If you are looking for texture for your ring then this is the finish you want. The hammered finish has detail pounded into the ring. This adds a spice of texture in a truly elegant way. 

How to choose the men wedding rings

  1. It is important to note that not only do people’s bodies change as we age. But so do your hands. Your fingers may even get thicker as you get older. This makes the type of metal you choose for your ring quite a big decision. Precious metals can be more sought after as they can be resized more easily. Where modern metal rings will most likely need to be replaced completely if your wedding ring no longer fits.
  2. As men do not generally wear much jewellery you are unlikely to know if you have an allergy. For example, a large number of men enjoy white gold for their wedding rings. But white gold contains nickel. And surprisingly many people have an allergy to nickel. 
  3. Platinum is a fantastic choice of metal. It is strong and durable. Platinum also happens to be hypoallergenic. The downside is that it can be pricey. Make sure to check your budget before committing to a platinum ring. 
  4. Another factor is the durability of your ring's metal and design. If you are a man that works with your hands often you will need to think long and hard about what you choose. If your ring contains precious diamonds or gemstones that can be damaged or fall out then you may want to reconsider this. Tungsten is a hardy metal that is scratch resistant. A perfect metal for any man.

Men's engagement and wedding rings Canada

Once again, Canada is at the forefront of the new world. More men are choosing to also have an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring.

A guy's engagement ring is very simple and generally quite thin. It is often then added to the wedding ring before the big day. 

It is a special change in society, that men also want to feel seen. Men also want to be celebrated just like women are. It has become important for men to have the men’s marriage rings that they want.

At the end of the day, it is both the man and woman that are getting married. It is amazing that men are also wanting to be ‘kept’ through the display of committing from the moment of the engagement.

It has become the forefront of marriage for men's engagement rings Canada to complete the celebration of marriage. 

Care and maintenance of a man’s marriage ring

Owning any jewellery is a commitment, just like your marriage. Especially for something that lives on your finger. You want to make sure that you keep your wedding ring clean and in good condition.

It is a good idea to understand who you are. Some men enjoy wearing their rings at all times. They never want to take it off once they decide to put it on.

Other men are more casual and will only wear them during the day, or for special occasions. 

Once you have decided on this you will be able to make a more informed decision about the type of ring you want. 

How often you wear your ing can have an impact on the design you choose. It can affect the materials you use for your ring. 

For instance, most precious metals wear much easier than modern metals. If you are wearing your ring every moment of the day then you want to opt for a hardier metal over a softer metal. 

If you are the occasional ring-wearer then you can easily opt for a fancier design. A design with more opportunity for more diamonds or gemstones. 

When you take off your men’s wedding ring make sure to store it correctly. 

You always want your ring to be dry and to stay dry. It is recommended to clean your wedding ring with soap and warm water. Or with a jewellery cleaner. 

Soak your ring in either solution for about 20 to 30 minutes. After soaking your men’s wedding ring make sure to rub it dry. This will also remove any excess dirt. 

When rubbing your ring make sure to use the appropriate cloth so that you do not scratch the metal.

There is always the option to have your male wedding rings buffed or polished by a jeweller. 

When buying your guy's wedding ring it is advised to speak to the jeweller about the appropriate care for the ring you have chosen. 

What else can we say?

Your guy wedding ring is a personal choice. It is something that you are planning to wear for the rest of your life. That is a huge commitment.

It is important to make sure that you enjoy what your male wedding ring looks like. Whether it is on or off of your finger. Men wedding rings have developed in style throughout the years. 

It needs to be a comfortable fit. There is nothing worse than a ring that doesn’t fit correctly. It always feels like it is in the way. And that will stop you from wearing your wedding ring confidently. 

Let your man wedding rings be an extension of who you are. Allow your to ring to express a part of your soul to your bride. 

It is special if the bride can be excited to plan and design wedding rings for him. To share on their special day.

The most essential thing about wearing a ring is that it makes you feel good. Of course, the symbolism of the ring will create a close connection for you. But knowing that you played a part in the design and decision-making might help make it all that more meaningful to you.

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