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The almost mystical process of creating stone in cast jewellery

There are many different ways to create jewellery, one of the truly unique ways however, creates just that—a truly unique piece of jewellery every single time. Even when attempting to replicate an existing design, this technique makes it impossible to create a perfect reproduction.


The process is called stone in cast (sometimes also called cast in place) and, to define it simply, means that a design is created in wax and then transform into wearable jewellery with precious metals and gemstones. But this basic definition doesn’t in any way do justice to the true nature of using this technique to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. So, let’s take a deeper look at the process by taking a peek inside our Malleable Jewellers’ workshop during the creation of our ready-to-wear ethical and sustainable Kimberlite Collection.


What makes stone in cast pure alchemy


First, the wax pattern is created by hand, sculpted into the perfect ring, necklace or pair of earrings. From there, the gemstones are hand selected and set into the wax. It sounds simple and straightforward enough, but here’s where the uniqueness of the technique comes into play. No matter what precautions and measures we put into place to protect the position in which those gemstones are placed, when we cast, the stones can shift. Sometimes this shift is so minuscule that its change is barely perceptible; other times, its movement is significant and completely alters the original intent of the design.

That’s what exceptional about this technique, there is an aspect of chance to the final product. It’s pure alchemy. And every piece in our collection is a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery. 


When we cast that wax, metal can move over, stones can shift and, our favourite, almost mystical occurrence, is that stones can get lost inside the metal. One minute the stone is twinkling in the light; the next minute it slips below the molten metal, forever beyond reach and leaving just cooling metal where the stone once was. That lost gemstone becomes almost a secret between you and that piece of jewellery. Everyone who admires your ring, earrings or necklace will never know of the extra stone hiding beneath the surface. 

Using the stone in cast technique is not only our specialty, but our passion. We have spent years perfecting our expertise and skill in the intricacies of this craft, in order to create your stunning and truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

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