Interesting Engagement Rings

Unusual engagement rings

It is great to explore a more unique engagement ring style as opposed to buying a traditional ring. As your perfect ring comes down to the personal style you have the freedom to explore designs of original engagement rings.

Some research can be done to explore what everyone is doing and then stay away from those designs and norms. 

That being said some of the coolest engagement rings are simple in design. 

Ideas for creative engagement rings

1. Coloured gemstones

Using gemstones instead of traditional diamonds is a fun and creative way to go for your engagement ring. 

The gemstone you choose can also be symbolic. It could be your birthstone or your partner's birthstone. You could even do a combination of both.

Maybe the stone could be from the month you got engaged. This would make for cool engagement rings.

Make sure to check with your jeweller to see if they have stock of the gemstone you want to use.

2. Vintage looks

A vintage ring is a perfect way to achieve a unique engagement ring. You will be able to come up with funky designs.

It is good to note that vintage rings can be inconsistent as they are handcrafted. There is a lot of beauty in imperfection. And it is what will really make your ring an interesting engagement ring.

3. One-of-a-kind setting

Here is where you can also get extremely creative to create the coolest engagement ring. If you work with designers and a jeweller they will be able to help you incorporate your ideas realistically.

You are able to combine metals, make patterns, and design shapes, the possibilities are pretty much endless. 

Let your mind run away with ideas.

4. Symbolic details

This is an opportunity to do something special. You can engrave a private message on the inside of your rings.

A message that only the two of you will ever see.

You can add a knot or something else meaningful to the band of the ring.

Maybe hide your partner's birthstone on the ring. Only a place that she will see it. 

5. The one ring (Lord of the Rings)

This is based on the “One Ring” from the Lord of the Rings. Now you can come up with an encoded message that only the two of you will understand.

This can be anything that you think of. A message that is engraved forever in a ring that already holds so much meaning in your relationship. 

Let your imagination run wild with a message that will stand the test of time against any other messages you could have engraved. 

6. Wisdom teeth rings

This is an interesting take on uniqueness. This is exactly what it sounds like. If you happen to have your wisdom teeth lying around they can be made into a very on-of-a-kind ring that is actually a part of you, or your partner. 

This is definitely a unique ring that no one else will have.

Unique diamond engagement rings

1. Unique-shaped diamond

This is a way for you to gain unique diamond rings. If you choose a unique shaped ring it is important to remember that it might not come out looking as you expected. 

It can make it more difficult for the jeweller to set other diamonds or stones around a uniquely shaped diamond. 

It will be a good idea to speak to a jeweller before committing to such a unique diamond engagement ring. 

There is the possibility that only a certain shape looks good on your finger. This is something you want to make sure of before the big day. Unique diamond rings are a reality in the modern world. 

2. Larger diamonds

There is so much opportunity for unique engagement rings for women. One of the ways you can achieve this is by opting for a larger diamond. 

A custom-made ring is your best choice here. A larger diamond might not suit the traditional settings for rings. 

The band might need to be thicker. The type of setting might need to change so that the weight of the diamond can be supported. 

3. Rare diamonds

When deciding on a differently coloured diamond there are a few things to consider. 

The colour of the diamond, mostly pink or yellow will affect the colour metal that you might otherwise have wanted. 

Which colour will best suit your skin tone? And are these available?

4. Colour Diamond

These diamonds tend to come in blue, grey, purple, brown, orange, and green.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph you will need to work closely with a jeweller. The colour of the metal used will be affected.

There might be a better-suited cut for the diamond in a certain colour. A cut that will showcase the colour the best. 

Availability and cost will be a factor when creating this unique engagement ring. 

Unique gold engagement rings

Gold is an amazing choice for making a unique engagement ring because it is such a versatile metal. You can choose from white gold to yellow, to rose gold

This is the most commonly used metal for wedding and engagement rings. 

A twenty-four-karat gold ring, which is considered pure gold is extremely soft.

It can be scratched and bent quite easily if you are clumsy or work with your hands a lot this may not the right metal for your special ring. 

Because of the soft property of gold jewels can also fall out easily. 

Often a gold ring under twenty four-karats will be mixed with another metal such as copper, silver, or platinum in order to strengthen it. 

One of the most commonly used gold purity levels is ten-karat. This is the most durable with the lowest gold content. 

If you decide on white gold it is helpful to remember that you will need to replate the rhodium plate every six months to a year for the ring to retain its bright colour. 

Unique modern engagement rings

1. Name rings

This is an idea which incorporates something unique to a couple and family. 

The ring can be engraved with the couple's names. Or their shared surname. It could have the bride's maiden name and her married surname.

The choices are endless. It really depends on what is meaningful for you.

2. Fingerprint rings

You can have your fingerprint on the inside of your ring or your partner's ring. Or both fingerprints on the inside of both rings. 

They can also be on the outside of the rings. It depends on what you want out of your ring.

But there is nothing more unique than your fingerprints.

3. Sound wave ring

This is a voice recording of the engagement. The soundwave of the proposal and answer is then etched into the rings.

That is one of the coolest engagement ring ideas. You will have that special moment on your finger in more than one way for the rest of your marriage.

4. NFC rings

These rings are not for the romantic. A small chip is inserted into the ring. With that, you can stay connected as if you are using your phone or watch. 

5. Cryptic message rings

This is a simple message hidden on the inside of the ring. A private message between partners.

6. Trinity rings

These are three rings made up of different types of metal. They are intertwined with each other. 

You can even hide messages in each of these. As the rings move the messages will be revealed. 

7. More than one metal type

Some of the most unique engagement rings sound so simple. By mixing two different coloured metals together you will come up with a unique ring. The contrast between the metals allows for fading and the ability for the diamond or gemstone to be shown off by contrasting colours. 

This will make for an unusual engagement ring as most people do not think about mixing metals together. 

Original engagement rings

Alternatives to using a diamond

1. Moissanite

Moissanite is a fantastic diamond alternative. It is a plain coloured gemstone that costs way less than a diamond.

It is tougher and more durable. They sparkle with the best of stones.

Another great thing about them is that they are made in labs so they are more ethical than diamonds.

2. Aquamarine

This is a stunning light blue stone. It is simple and understated. 

They are not very hard and will be scratched easily. This ring will need to be stored in its own case. You will also need to polish your aquamarine over the years to keep it in good condition.

This is not the stone for someone who works with their hands a lot or is rough on jewellery. 

3. Emerald

This beautiful green stone is easily shaped however you want it. It does not rate high on hardness so extra care will need to be taken in order to keep this ring looking good.

When buying an emerald for your unique engagement ring it is important to look for a deep rich green with a transparent appearance. 

4. Morganite

This soft pink colour makes it a versatile ring in that it will not steal the show but rather sits statedly perched on your finger.

It can be worn as an everyday ring but the store does not have a high hardness rating so care will need to be taken. 

5. Ruby

Rubies are stunning and known to be matched well with white metal. They generally range from deep pink to red.

Rubies are a hardy stone and perfect for everyday wear. This is a stone that will suit anyone. Especially someone who uses their hands a lot. 

6. Sapphire

Sapphires come in a range of colours. It is one of the more versatile gemstones on the market. 

Sapphires do not always come from the most ethical background so you will need to work with a trusted jeweller. It is important to know the source of your sapphire before purchasing it. 

7. Amethyst 

An amethyst has a deep violet to purple hue. But this is what makes it perfect for a unique engagement ring. This is not the chosen gemstone for a traditional bride. 

The hardness rating is low so it is not a stone that is recommended for everyday wear. 

8. Opal

Opal has an iridescent shimmer about them. They tend to be milky in colour. This is going to be something that you either love or do not like at all.

As it is an extremely soft and porous stone you will experience a lot of wear and tear. It can even chip easily. This unique style of stone will need to be given the best care out there.

Unique rings Canada

Types of settings

1.Solitare setting

This is a loved and popular way to display your diamond or gemstone. It forces you to notice the rock on your finger. This style definitely takes center stage.

2. Pave setting

This is perfect for your unique engagement ring if you love sparkle. Not only will you have your stone set on the ring. But you will also have smaller stones set in the entirety of the wedding band. 

It is like wearing a sparkling show on your finger.

3. Three stone rings

On either side of your main stone will be two smaller feature stones. These can either match your main stone, or they can be completely different stones. 

4. Halo setting

This is a great way to enhance your main stone. There are smaller stones that sit around the rim of your main stone. It is also a great way to make your main stone appear larger than it is.

5. Bezel setting

This is an elegant and subtle way to set your stone. Your stone is set within a rim of metal that simply shows off the stone of your choice. 

Engagement rings in Canada

It seems that Canadians have some uniquely creative and funky engagement rings on offer.

There are some that look like snowflakes, or complicated patterns. The possibilities are truly endless.

There seems to be a break away from the traditional engagement ring while young couples forge their way to a new norm with creative desires on their fingers.

What more can we say?

As there are so many options available you will need to sit down to think long and hard about what you really want. 

You need to think about what will work and what is realistic. Realistic in terms of what will look good while being unique.

And what the costs will be. Once you start custom designing your rings the only thing holding you back will be your budget.

So get out there and start dreaming about what you want out of your unique engagement ring.

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