How And Why You Should Design Earrings

How And Why You Should Design Earrings

Sometimes window shopping for the perfect pair of dazzling earrings can be frustrating. Mass-produced earrings can be beautiful, but they’re not personal. 

This is why you should make your own earrings. Don’t let the myth that earring design can be difficult intimidate you.  You don’t need copious amounts of time and special skills to design earrings. 

What you do need to design earrings is an understanding of the process and a reliable jeweller, like Malleable Jewellers, to guide you through the process.

All about earrings design

It’s not only necklaces and bracelets that can be custom-made. Design your own

earrings also has the same sentimental connection and expresses your personality just as much as any other customized jewellery. Earrings can be designed to your exact specifications when it comes to style, design and the materials used. 

You can make your own set of earrings from scratch, or you can repurpose a set of old-fashioned earrings to give them a new look. You can make a set of customized earrings in one of two ways:

  • Work with a jeweller such as Malleable to create a stunning set of earrings
  • Adding custom pieces to your old pair of earrings

A classic set of earrings are an excellent way to look elegant while expressing your unique style and individuality. A custom set of earrings will be the perfect gift to make a loved one feel extra special. 

Cost of designing your earrings 

The cost to make your earrings can be a little more expensive than purchasing over-the-counter and pass-produced earrings. This is because customized earrings are one-of-a-kind pieces made just for you. 

So why spend the extra money on a personalized set of earrings? Well, spending the extra cash now will be worth it in the long run. It also is worth it because it’ll save you from the hassle and time of looking for the perfect pair in-store. 

The cost to make your own earrings can be determined by different factors that include the following:

  • The stones used in the creation
  • Type of metal used in the earrings design
  • How complex is the earring’s design? 
  • Craftpersonship

Why you should make your own earrings

Choosing to design earrings for yourself or a loved one has several benefits.

You get more value for your money.

Sometimes, working with a jeweller to design your earrings might not be as expensive as buying over-the-counter earrings. Remember that the cost of earrings design can depend on various factors. 

When you make your own earrings, you will be working with both the manufacturer and the designer. With over-the-counter earrings, the jewellers typically hire a go-between to manufacture their designs. 

When you work with a custom jeweller, they can also help you find earrings that fit your idea and vision without going over your budget. A jeweller will also help you find suitable metal and gemstones for your unique style. 

Personal and sentimental value

Wearing a pair of truly unique earrings will make them feel extra personal. Because of the personal touch, you could pass them down as a sentimental family heirloom in the future.

During the customization process, you can decide on the earrings’ shape, metals and gemstones used in their creation. Being involved in the decision-making process can make it easy to design earrings based on a special memory. 

Jewellers can design and create stunning custom earrings.

To make your earrings with a jeweller, you won’t need to have an eye for fashion or even basic artistic skills. This is because you’ll be working alongside the jewellers to design earrings. 

Our jewellers can even create stunning earrings from your old pieces. They will be able to recycle jewellery made from palladium, platinum, silver and gold. However, we don’t recommend directly recycling low karats of white gold into earrings.

You have more say in the creative process.

When you’re looking at the earrings on display in a jewellery store, all the creative designs have been made. The only decision left is to choose which pair of earrings you want from the sets that are available to you. 

Some stores might allow you to choose the type of metal you want to make your own earrings. They might even allow you to add extra gemstones to your set. Either way, you won’t have as much control compared to customizing your own earrings. 

When you design earrings, you will be involved in every creative process step. You will have a say in the earrings' look, the metal used, and the stones used. You’ll have more say while working with a professional. 

Tips on how to make your own earrings

Before you approach a jeweller to design earrings, there are a few things that you’ll need to consider. Below, we’ve listed a few things that you need to consider. 

Think about when you’ll wear them

If you’re looking to design a pair of earrings for a particular event, you’ll need to keep this event in mind. For example, if you’re planning on wearing these earrings daily, it might be best to make simple studs and Huggies hoop earrings.

In contrast, if you plan to design earrings for a special occasion such as a friend’s birthday party or a formal event, you should consider a hoop or drop earring design. 

Design earrings to match your clothes

You will need to consider the clothes you have in your wardrobe. It’s important to

remember that you don’t want your earrings and clothes to clash. For example, if you wear plenty of brown clothing, you shouldn’t design black earrings cause this will distract people from your look.

To prevent your earring design from clashing with your clothes, you should take a look at your clothes and choose one of the lesser colours in the patterns you have in your wardrobe. 

For example, if you have a top or dress with a green pattern, you should consider designing earrings with green emeralds to compliment the pattern in your clothing. If you wear something in a solid colour, you should make earrings in a complementary colour, so they don’t clash with each other. 

Consider your budget

An important factor to consider when making your earrings is how much you want to spend on these earrings. You shouldn’t just stick to one kind of style and brand of product. You should look through our collection on our website for inspiration and find something that’s in your budget and meets your tastes. 

Crawl social media to get ideas

Social media is an excellent resource for finding ideas to make your own earrings. People who’ve had customized earrings crafted for them will often take pictures and share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Browsing social media will give you a personalized look at the earrings. It will also give you more details about the earrings. Jewellers will also use social media for marketing their new designs to attract new clients. 

Read reviews

When you’re designing a pair of earrings, you should always check reviews of a jeweller and designer. Reviews from former clients will give you an insight into their experiences, feelings and thoughts about the jewellery they received.

You should read through these reviews carefully. They will help you know what to expect from the jewellers and decide if they’re the best jeweller to help design earrings.

How to design earrings with Malleable Jewellers?

Book a consultation with us

When you work with Malleable Jewellers to design earrings, the first thing you’ll need to do is book a one-hour consultation. We offer consultations either in person or remotely. 

During the consultation, we’ll discuss the type of earrings you want to design. Do you want hoops or studs? We’ll discuss your budget and how long it should take to craft them. 

For the consultation, you should bring any pictures and other pieces that served as inspiration for your earrings’ design. These pictures and pieces will help our staff get a clearer picture of what you’re looking for. 

Selection process 

The second step in the process is the selection of the different stones and metals. In this step, we’ll also discuss the various options for placing stones and multiple settings. If you plan on repurposing an old pair of earrings or loose stones for a new pair of them, you will share them with us at this step. 

At the end of this step, we should clearly understand what you want for your earrings. We’ll be able to give you a timeline and a budget for your earrings. 

Creating a 3D digital model

In this step of the process, we’ll put all the details you’ve provided and inspiration to use and create a digital model with 3D modelling software. We’ll send the 3D sketches and wait for your notes. 

We will incorporate any notes and revisions you’ve made based on these 3D sketches until we get the digital model to match your vision for your earrings. 

Crafting your earrings 

We'll begin crafting your earrings when the design has finally been approved. In this step of the process, we’ll start casting, setting the stones, polishing and finishing your earrings. If you want to design gold earrings, we’ll have our goldsmiths work to ensure your earrings are perfect. 

Delivery or pick-up

When your earrings are finally ready, we’ll arrange either an insured delivery or a collection time, so you can finally get your earrings. We will also send you all the maintenance and cleaning information you need to care for your earrings. We will also share your options for certifications, appraisal, and insurance. 

Final thoughts on earrings design

Choosing to design your earrings could save you from the frustration of endlessly browsing through jewellery stores. You also won’t have to spend money on a set of earrings that don’t quite match your tastes. 

Customizing earrings and working with a jeweller means that you will also be involved in the creative process. You can choose which precious metals and stones to use for your earrings. 

At Malleable Jewellers, we’ll work with you at every step of the process, from consultation to designing your earrings and providing information for maintenance and care. We’ll gladly take all your notes and inspiration for your earrings and bring them to life. 

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