Floral Engagement Rings

Marriage is about the bond between partners and their ring is a symbol of that love. Floral engagement rings are some of the most beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry anyone can wear. Floral rings were popularized during the Victorian era as a physical symbol of a suitor's love. Today they remain a symbol of love and beauty. When it comes to finding rings, Malleable creates custom rings using either recycled jewels or ethically sourced metals and stones.

What is a Floral engagement ring?

Floral rings are categorized as rings in the shape of a blossomed flower. Since almost everyone has a favourite flower there have been many different arrangements and designs symbolizing different flowers. Floral/flower rings are cluster rings, meaning they are a collection of small stones rather than one or a few jewels. The cluster normally follows the pattern of a central jewel, commonly a diamond which is decorated with smaller jewels that form the shape of a flower.

Floral rings are a popular symbol of love similar to that of a red rose. The intimacy of proposing with a ring that was inspired by the favourite flower of your partner is near unmatched. Floral rings can create another depth of sentimental value in relationships as it’s a sign you listened to what your partner loved and made something beautiful from that thought.

Styles of Floral rings

The main styles of floral rings are the Buttercup, Halo Flower, Blooming rose, Lotus flower, floral Round and floral Marquise. Each style has its features and is unique in its own right. The price ranges between designs as some floral styles use more or fewer diamonds depending on the style. 


The Buttercup was a popular Victorian-era style floral engagement ring. It is seen as a vintage-styled ring that compliments small and thin hands. The style features a relatively small diamond or jewel. The metal of the ring is shaped in a cup shape with small accents complimenting the centre diamond. 

This style is meant as an all-purpose ring that won’t attract much attention. The Buttercup is a great low-cost engagement ring and won’t break the bank but is still beautiful.

Halo Flower

Halo Flower rings are bold and proud pieces of jewelry. They are great statement pieces to

show off or tie outfits together. It features a large centre diamond surrounded by a circular halo ring of small stones, then flowers baguette-styled metal decorated with smaller diamonds. 

The Halo flower can differ in size allowing it to differ in price. It is more expensive than most designs but is a great option for a bold engagement ring. This flower ring is meant for more formal gatherings but is not out of place in smart-casual settings.

Blooming Rose

The Blooming Rose is another statement piece for someone who wants and can handle the attention it brings. These flower wedding rings has a central diamond that is surrounded by rose-styled smaller diamonds. The ring resembles the shape of a recently bloomed rose. 

Other blooming rose designs remove the shape of the rose and have small to medium-sized diamonds hanging off the central diamond. This shape resembles a sunflower but is still classified as a blooming rose.

Blooming rose floral rings are great all-rounded rings that can be the main attraction of your outfit drawing in attention, or sitting quietly on your hand. It is a great engagement ring as it can be worn to every event at any social occasion. The pricing of Blooming roses is relatively high as most floral rings are.

Lotus Flower

If you’re looking for a ring that will suit every outfit, or occasion and still shine on its own the Lotus Flower is a great option. The Lotus flower has a large centre diamond surrounded by a band of small diamonds. It is a simple style that comes at a great price. 

Lotus flower rings are the perfect engagement ring to win over anyone. The Lotus flower is a sleeker style that allows it to go with almost anything. They are a popular design that is a cheaper flower wedding ring alternative.

Floral Round 

This common yet expensive round style has a flower wedding ring style. Round floral rings are meant to be bold statement pieces. Similar to other floral designs, it has a centre diamond. The main diamond is accented with smaller diamonds that fit down the ring but are not attached directly to the centre diamond.

Floral Round rings are great options to spoil your partner and remind them that your love has a large price tag. Floral round rings allow for a great deal of customization to add more features and character to the ring. This ring is mainly meant for formal occasions where it can be shown off.

Floral Marquise 

The Marquise is a great oval shape in its own right. The floral Marquise is a style that adds small alterations to give it the flower engagement ring look. The design has the staple oval band of diamonds that have smaller bands of diamonds to create petal-like features.

The floral Marquise is a much cheaper option than a flower ring. The size of the diamond array allows it to fit better into whatever budget you have. It is also a well-balanced ring that can fit into both formal and casual settings. 

Reasons to choose a flower engagement ring

Customization and sentimental value

Not all ring styles allow for much customization, the floral styles have near-infinite amounts of customization. From the Blooming rose to the floral Marquise, floral rings can be crafted to fit your partner's definition of beauty adding another layer of unique sentimental value to your engagement ring.

There are millions of catalog rings that are beautiful in their own right but have no sentimental value to you and your partner. A ring that you help craft that matches the flower from your first date will have far more sentimental value to your loved one. The added layer of creativity you can include with floral styles provides the opportunity for your engagement ring to be unrivalled in beauty in your partner's eyes.

Balanced style settings

Beautiful rings don’t necessarily make useful rings. Floral rings often are able to suit more occasions and thus prove to be more useful accessories to your partner. The all-rounded Lotus flower and Blooming Rose styles have no social settings they don’t suit. 


Floral rings are normally higher quality rings as they require more skilled jewellers to create them. This can be seen with styles such as the Halo flower where there are multiple bands that fit together rather than singular jewels or a collection of small diamonds. 

Flower rings mostly have large diamonds that need to be high quality to fit and set properly. Many of the floral rings also have a wide range of customization which needs skilled artisans to craft the rings to the designs their customers like.

The process of customizing Malleable rings

Custom rings require more work than picking one from a catalogue. The process is not as long as it seems 

  1. Consultation

The first step is to have an hour-long consultation with a specialty jeweller where you can discuss everything about your ring. This will start with general sizing, then move into talks about designs. This is where you can speak about having the ring-shaped to match a flower of your choice or a design you have in mind. You can also talk about price ranges you can afford.

You can bring your ideas about the piece with photos, sketches, and other thoughts you want to speak about regarding your piece. If you wish to have other pieces created to match the ring you can also mention them here. The jewellers can also work with pieces you already have, such as heirlooms you might want to recycle.

  1. Choosing the Metal and Stones

The second step is about finding the metals and stones that will work with your ideas. Other shapes and placement of gems will also be discussed here. If you’d like to re-use gems this is the last place to have them ready so that they can be added to the design process.

To create sustainable pieces, it is encouraged to use stones from pieces you don’t wear or use. This is not necessary if you don’t want to part with your jewelry. Completing this step should leave you and the jeweller with sound ideas you’re happy with.

  1. Digital Design

Following the consultation, the design process will continue with you being sent digital copies of the ring before the crafting begins. This will be done with 3D software to ensure the exact measurements and fitting of any reused stones. 

A copy of the ring will be sent for you to comment on and give feedback as to whether you like the piece. This will be one of the first visual copies you’ll see of your ring. The digital designing step is to ensure you’re happy with the look of your ring.

  1. Crafting

Now that the design process is done and you are happy with your design. The crafting will begin. The stone will then be set and finished by polishing your finished ring. The piece will be crafted with diamond graders, jewelry designers, and goldsmiths to create your masterpiece.

  1. Delivery

The process is nearly done, the final step is deciding whether you’d like to pick up the ring yourself or have it delivered to you specially. The staff at Malleable will also provide you with the necessary information on the pieces' certifications, appraisal, and insurance.

Related questions

Are flower engagement rings more expensive?

Generally, floral rings are cheaper because they have smaller central diamonds. Some floral styles such as the Floral Round rings are more expensive than average rings because they require bigger and higher quality diamonds.

Do floral rings look like flowers?

Most of the floral rings look similar to flowers as they are designed from the flower's appearance. Styles such as the Lotus flower look exactly like flowers whilst styles such as the Buttercup look almost nothing like flowers.


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