Fingers to Wear Rings On

If you are wondering which fingers you should wear your rings on, you are in the right place. This article will highlight what you need to know about which finger to wear rings on and the meaning of rings on fingers. This article also lists the meaning of different types of rings on different fingers. 

Rings may be small jewelry pieces, but they should never be underestimated. After all, rings can tell you a lot about a person you may not even know. While rings can elevate an outfit, these key jewelry pieces can also communicate a message depending on the finger worn on. Different types of rings worn on certain fingers may also have a special meaning. If you love wearing rings, it would be a good idea to learn about these meanings, to make sure you are wearing your rings on the right fingers.

Which fingers to wear rings on?

The fingers you choose to wear your rings on are really up to you because they are your jewelry pieces. How you wear them can say quite a lot about you as a person to people you may not know. Certain fingers you may choose to wear your rings on send messages to people. Each finger has its meaning, and these meanings are understood universally. 

If you have never heard of the meaning behind rings worn on certain fingers, these messages might surprise you. After all, each of the meanings of rings on different fingers dates back many years and has a wide range of origins from different cultures. The common symbols of rings usually relate to status, family, and relationships and can even represent a family crest. 

You can learn much from seeing which finger a person wears their rings on. Rings are a great way to communicate certain messages to people without having to speak to them. Whether you are intentionally trying to send a message using your rings or not, it is a good idea to be aware of these messages. After all, your rings will tell people a lot about you, and nobody wants to send the wrong message to other people unintentionally. 

Which hands to wear rings on? 

A common question quite a few people have is whether the hand you choose to wear your rings on matters? The simple answer is yes. Rings on hands convey certain messages. However, not only do the different fingers that you wear rings send messages, but the hand on that you choose to wear the ring also influences these messages. A ring you wear on your right hand’s index finger will not have the same meaning as a ring you wear on your left index finger.   

Types of rings on different fingers 

Certain rings are specifically designed to be worn on certain fingers only; this is why the type of finger rings you wear on the different rings fingers matters. This is why it is a good idea to understand the meaning behind your ring before choosing which finger to wear it on. The common meanings behind certain types of rings usually relate to relationship, purity, wealth, and more. The most popular types of rings that are made to be worn on specific fingers include: 

  • Engagement rings 
  • Wedding rings
  • Promise rings 
  • Virtue rings
  • Anniversary rings 
  • Birthstone rings 
  • Class rings 
  • Signet rings
  • Estate rings 

Meaning of rings on different fingers

One of the most important factors to consider when wearing your rings is what fingers to wear your rings on. After all, the fingers you choose will tell people quite a lot about you, whether you intentionally decide to or not. A ring can even be used as a power statement; by choosing the right finger to wear your ring on, you can communicate many symbols with just a ring. To help you understand the meanings of rings worn on different fingers, here is a list of the most common meaning of rings worn on specific fingers: 

Pinky finger

While the pinky finger may be the smallest of the fingers, the rings worn on both the left and right pinky fingers hold significant meaning. It is popularly believed that the pinky finger relates to intelligence and is one of the most important ring fingers for men.

Right pinky finger

The right pinky finger is usually associated with someone's degree and profession. The right pinky is commonly used to wear class rings that graduates may receive after completing their degree. This ring worn on the right hand is symbolic as most of the population uses their right hand to write, which is related to intelligence. 

Left pinky finger 

The left pinky finger is one of the most popular fingers men usually wear their rings on. The left pinky finger is usually associated with marriage or mafia relations. The significance of wearing a ring on your left pinky finger dates back to the Victorian age. This was when figures like Prince Albert wore their wedding rings on their pinky fingers. Men usually wear two rings on their left pinky fingers to send the message that this man was previously married. A more well-known meaning of wearing a ring on the left pinky finger is the relation to mafia connections. 

Ring finger

The ring finger probably has the most well-known meaning universally. A ring is worn on this finger usually relates to marital status. However, the hand on which the ring finger is worn usually differs between different cultures. 

Right ring finger

The right ring finger is usually used to indicate that one is married in certain cultures and countries, including Spain, India, Norway, Russia, and Germany. A ring is worn on this finger to symbolize that one is engaged to be married or is already married. This is a great symbol to wear because it indicates to other people that you are no longer looking for someone because you are married. 

Left ring finger

The left ring finger is the more popularly known wedding ring figure which indicates someone’s marital status or virtue. The significance of this finger is that a direct vein connects the ring finger to the heart. This means that when a ring is worn on this finger, it closely connects to the heart. 

The rings that are popularly worn on this finger include the engagement ring, which sends the message that someone is engaged to be married. A wedding ring will also be worn with the engagement ring on this finger once the individual is married, indicating their marital status. 

Another popular ring with a romantic meaning worn on the left finger is a promise ring, which symbolizes one's promise to be married in the future. A purity or chastity ring is often worn on the left finger. This ring symbolizes that the individual wearing it has made a vow to be abstinent until they are married.  

Middle finger

The middle finger is the ring finger that is the center of attention and the finger that you can choose to do whatever you want to do with. Both the left and right middle fingers do not hold any meaning when a ring is worn on them. This is one of the reasons why the ring finger is often used to wear statement rings, which is perfect because it leaves the ring in the center of the hand. 

Index finger 

The index finger is the strongest and most dominant finger. We use our index fingers the most. People who wear rings on their index fingers are commonly believed to be strong and device leaders. These individuals usually have a strong sense of confidence and are known to stand by the decisions that they have made. This is why a ring worn on the index finger usually relates to the symbolism of power and leadership. 

Right index finger 

A ring worn on the right index finger is usually one that is a statement ring and usually communicates that the person wearing the ring is a strong figure. A ring on this finger relates to leadership and authority. This is why it is important to choose a ring that conveys that. 

Left index finger

While it may not be very common, the left index finger can also symbolize that one is married, specifically in the Jewish culture. These rings are quite simple and are often a plain gold band that a wife will wear.  


While the thumb is probably the least popular finger that is used to wear a ring, it is still quite significant. However, this is more about how straight your thumb is rather than the type of ring that you wear on it. 

Similar to the middle finger wearing a ring on the left and right thumbs does not hold a specific meaning. This means you have the choice to wear whatever type of ring on your thumbs whenever you want to, without having to be concerned about what the ring might be conveying to others. 

Final thoughts 

Rings are a great piece to wear that will not only elevate your outfit but also helps people get to know you a bit better without you even having to say a word. This jewelry may seem small, but they hold quite a few symbols usually relating to relationships, status, and many more. 

The types of rings that you also choose to wear on specific fingers matter. Certain rings are usually made to be worn on specific fingers only. A few of these rings include engagement rings, wedding rings, and signet rings. 

Even though there are meanings of rings on fingers that are quite well-known universally, whether you want to believe the meanings are completely up to you. Now that you know everything you need to about the fingers to wear rings on, you can decide which ring fingers best suit you.

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