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Finding the person to get married to is a difficult enough task. Now you’re looking for the perfect ring? Sustainable, beautiful, and easily customizable square rings at Malleable are some of the best found in Canada. Specialty jewellers craft their rings with precision and dedication, forging jewelry meant for you alone. Engagement rings resemble the promise between partners and hold far more sentimental value.

Types of Square Diamond Rings

The general square shape of rings has been reworked into many different styles. The most popular square styles are the Princess, Asscher, Radiant and Emerald. 

The differences in the cuts vary in tone and setting. The princess cut is trendy and suitable for formal and casual settings. The princess cut also doubles as being

one of the cheaper alternatives to more expensive square diamond rings. This shape also makes for a big show and is suited for those looking for some spotlight.

The Emerald cut resembles an emerald's shape while being a bold and prominent showcase of a large diamond. The Emerald cut is perfect for a lavish show of love for your partner as an engagement or wedding ring. 

The Asscher cut is a vintage style choice. It is another shape that is great for showing off but comes at a higher price than most because it needs a large diamond. Many jewellers also charge more for crafting Asscher cuts as they need more attention and care setting than other cuts.

Last but not least, the Radiant cut is the showstopping piece to attract awe wherever you need it. This style incorporates a variety of styles as it has smaller diamonds drawing attention to a centre square diamond. This style allows for more customization as there are more options in placing and design that one can do with it. Radiant diamond rings can be both more expensive and cheaper than other cuts. The difference in pricing comes with customization. You can choose to have smaller diamonds with a smaller and cheaper central diamond or the reverse with a large diamond and fewer small diamonds.

Sustainable jewelry

Sustainability is one of the terms many businesses use to green-wash the products for their clientele. Instead of ensuring their products are not harmful to the planet, some use umbrella terms such as “green” that mislead consumers. 

Malleable works to ensure that its jewelry is forged in as environmentally friendly ways as possible. They try to limit their carbon footprint so that generations can live and enjoy the fruits of the planet, such as the many gems it has to offer. The jewellers create unique pieces to make all people feel comfortable and beautiful wearing their pieces. 

The jewelry is not only sustainable but uses recycled metals and gems such as sterling silver. This helps create ethical and sustainable pieces that you can wear, knowing that they did not harm the environment in their creation.

Types of jewelry crafted at Malleable

Square diamond engagement rings are not the only rings forged at Malleable. The lists of jewelry offered include everyday wear, engagement and wedding rings, and other pieces such as necklaces and bands. 

The jewelry is customizable with a few steps to ensure it fits you well and suits your taste in beauty. The engagement rings come in many sizes, such as square rings that are more geometric.

From round-cut diamonds in rose gold to sapphires in sterling silver, the range of jewelry at Malleable is extensive. If you’re looking for specific sizes and shapes and can’t find them among the pieces, you can have it custom-made with your preferred sizing and stones.

Square Engagement Rings

Square rings refer to the cut of the gem. It is also referred to as a Princess-cut or Asscher-cut. These were initially designed to showcase wealth, as when they were introduced, it was difficult to cut a gem to this shape when they were introduced. 

The shape is defined by having four edges roughly in the shape of a square. While not cheap, they are more affordable than other cuts. The most expensive cuts of gems are; circular, oval marquise, and specialty cuts. 

Square engagement rings have become more popular with younger generations as they are more affordable and versatile. Square-cut jewelry can be worn at both casual and formal gatherings.

The shape of square rings also allows a greater range in size of the ring. The square shape also lends itself to many more aesthetics and customization around the central gem. Some jewellers have used it to showcase the main gemstone, such as a pearl surrounded by opals.

The Process of Customizing Malleable Rings

Custom rings require more work than picking one from a catalogue. The process is not as long as it seems. 


The first step is to have an hour-long consultation with a specialty jeweller where you can discuss everything about your ring. This will start with general sizing, then move into talks about designs. This is where you can speak about having the ring shaped to match a family heirloom, match the aesthetic you want, and then the pricing you can afford. 

You can bring your ideas about the piece with photos, sketches, and other thoughts you want to speak about regarding your piece. If you wish to have other pieces created to match the ring, you can also mention them here. The jewellers can also work with pieces you already have, such as heirlooms you might want to recycle.

Choosing the Metal and Stones

The second step is about finding the metals and stones that will work with your ideas. Other shapes and placement of gems will also be discussed here. If you’d like to reuse gems, this is the last place to have them ready so that they can be added to the design process.

Using stones from pieces you don’t wear or use to create sustainable pieces is encouraged. This is not necessary if you don’t want to part with your jewelry. Completing this step should leave you and the jeweller with sound ideas you’re happy with.

Digital Design

Following the consultation, the design process will continue with you being sent digital copies of the ring before the crafting begins. This will be done with 3D software to ensure any reused stones' exact measurements and fitting. A copy of the ring will be sent for you to comment on and feedback on whether you like the piece.


Now the design process is done, you are happy with your design. The crafting will begin. The stone will be set and finished by polishing your ring. The piece will be crafted in conjunction with diamond graders, jewelry designers, and goldsmiths.


The process is nearly done. The final step is deciding whether you’d like to pick up the ring yourself or have it delivered to you specially. The staff at Malleable will also provide you with the necessary information on the pieces’ certifications, appraisal, and insurance.

Sustainability of the Crafted Jewellery

This includes luxury items and is why Malleable creates sustainable pieces of jewelry. Reusing old stones and metals can be instrumental in crafting more eco-friendly jewelry. 

The pieces crafted at Malleable are done so in a manner that allows them to be reused at a later stage should you want to recycle your jewelry. We must work together to ensure a more sustainable world.

Benefits to Custom Jewelry 

Sentimental Value

Engagement rings are priceless items to partners as it was one of the first milestones in them becoming a family. Jewelry represents the sentimental value we have on physical items. Custom-made jewelry piece means you can design what you like to match the aesthetics you want. The creation process of your custom jewelry is its own quality experience as you find new ideas and cultivate your unique taste.

At the end of creating designs with a jeweller, finding the stones you like in tandem with suitable metals, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece. It will be unique and priceless in more ways than one. 


Catalogues are often just predictions of what expensive stores think people will like. You might choose between rings you like a bit and don’t like at all. Having the option to craft a piece you want with the designs and stones you choose is far more rewarding. 

You can choose colours that suit your features and match your style instead of choosing a ring designed for someone else. The superior option is to have a ring crafted to your taste with designs and stones to your liking.


The quality of custom jewelry is often far better than that of catalogue pieces. Many pieces found in catalogues are made quickly to send out so they can be sold and turnover profit. In contrast, custom jewelry is made with care and extra time.

Jewellers give custom pieces far more attention than standard items as there are more standards they need to meet. Custom pieces also are generally made with higher quality metals to ensure the gems and stones hold in place better. 

Related Questions

What is recycled jewelry?

Recycled jewelry is pieces of jewelry that stones and metal have been reused in other pieces of jewelry. Recycled jewelry doesn’t have any less value than other pieces of jewelry. Sometimes you can’t recycle the metal from jewelry without adding a little more metal to reforge it. 

The stones from other pieces of jewelry often just need to be repolished before being set into another item.

Is recycled jewelry cheaper?

Recycled jewelry can be much cheaper if you’re recycling your jewelry. This is because you won’t have to pay for new stones such as diamonds or sapphires. You may even not need to reforge the metal if it’s in good condition.

What is the most expensive shape of rings?

Circular cuts of stones such as diamonds are the most expensive as only good-quality stones can be cut into that shape. The most expensive shape is circular(often called princess-cut) and oval shapes. Square-shaped jewelry is generally cheaper depending on the size of the stone. Different stones are harder to craft into different shapes. Diamonds are more complex and of higher quality when cut to a princess cut.

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