There are so many details that are combined when making the perfect engagement proposal. Typically, only cats and children love the boxes that gifts come in - an engagement ring box is an exception, it’s an important detail to consider in one’s proposal.

Consider this: You’re at a five-star restaurant, the food is excellent, and the atmosphere is picturesque. You and your date have just been seated in this gorgeous restaurant, and the waiter asks if you’d like wine to begin your evening. You say yes, and just as he begins pouring an expensive fine wine, you notice - he’s serving your wine in a plastic red solo cup.

Suddenly all the magical and magnificent details of the restaurant pale in the face of this cheap and class-less plastic cup. The same can be true of engagement ring boxes. It’s not that the box itself is important, but it is a detail that adds to the proposal experience. 

Not to mention, proposers often bring the ring box out whilst their speaking, which means their future fiance sees the box before the ring. And, you wouldn’t want to plan the perfect proposal speech and party only to degrade it because you overlooked the noticeable detail of the ring box.

Do you need an engagement ring box?

Engagement rings typically spend very little time in the boxes they came in. The ring is in the box for the proposal, then carried in the box on the wedding day and then the box becomes almost completely obsolete.

But for some, they don’t wear their engagement ring every day. A ring box is a great way to keep the precious engagement ring safe, protected and well presented. Engagement ring boxes can look beautiful on a dresser or vanity, where it’s easy to access and store the ring when it isn’t being worn.

But other than these reasons, why would you need an engagement ring box?

  1. Proper Presentation - As previously mentioned, the perfect proposal is in the fine details. When you ask your soulmate to get married, everything should be considered and of exceptional quality. This proposal is the first gesture that will begin your lives together. You want to present the best moment. Therefore a gorgeous ring box becomes an asset to your proposal presentation.
  2. Perception - Proposal stories are told and retold a thousand times to a thousand people. If your engagement ring isn’t presented most especially and sentimentally, it will not be perceived or remembered in that way by your fiance or her friends. Therefore, an engagement ring box helps represent and display your emotions, engagement ring and sentiments more effectively. 
  3. Preservation - Engagement rings are expensive and valuable items, so it’s not always appropriate to wear them every day when they can be easily stolen or damaged. Keeping an engagement ring in a box is a great way to safely store or protect the ring when it isn’t worn. Whether the box is kept in a safe or an open display, the box will become synonymous with the ring, and so its exterior and value should match the ring. 

So, there are several reasons why investing in a special and aesthetic ring box is a good idea.

What types of engagement ring boxes are there?

Just as there are many different engagement ring designs and options to suit every type of bride-to-be, the boxes the rings come in vary.

Below we have a few ideas on how your box could be designed or bought to fit your partner’s taste and style. 

  1. Upcycle a sentimental box - for some couples, sentimentality wins over aesthetics and dollar signs. This means that the ring box could be upcycled and repurposed from a box used and known previously in your relationship. Did you ever have an inside joke that involved a box, or a recurring tradition that involved a box of some sort?

    Reusing something sentimental in a proposal can add a unique and meaningful detail to the moment. If you didn’t have a sentimental ‘box’ maybe there was a piece of fabric, decoration or item you both know of that could be used to decorate your engagement ring box.

    This engagement ring box will be one of a kind and a poetic prop to carry the engagement ring. And what better wedding ring holder could there be, than a sentimental and treasured box you both love? 

  2. Find a vintage jewelry box - visit your local thrift stores and antique shops to find your love a special and historical box to carry the symbol of your marriage and history together. If your partner loves iconic past fashions and styles, thrifting and antiquing could be a great way to show them that you understand them when you propose. A vintage and antique jewelry box in Canada can come from the past and are fabulous and full of rich details that could make this ring box worthy of the special wedding ring it carries. Not to mention, if you can find a box from a thrift store, you could benefit from their low prices for high-quality preowned items. Not to mention, this could count as your something old!

  3. Visit Etsy - This delightful side of the internet brings creators, collectors and hopeless romantics together to find great products and great prices. If you’re feeling uncertain about what style or sentiment an engagement ring box should be, surf Etsy for some ideas and market research. Etsy is a global marketplace designed to embrace handcrafted and handmade products, so if your partner loves supporting local and artisanal businesses then looking for your ring box here is a great start.

    Etsy can help you brainstorm and window-shop without seeing any scary price tags or proposal propaganda, as Etsy embraces creativity and ingenuity as much as it encourages sales for small businesses. On Etsy, it’s possible to find unique and incredible products and designs suitable for your engagement and wedding ring box. 

  4. Hand make a ring box - For those couples who are creative and appreciative of the individual craftsmanship, personalizing and creating your own engagement ring box can turn an ordinary proposal detail into a revealing and heartwarming act of love. Engagement ring boxes don’t require extremely complicated designs and technology, so crafting your own box can be easily done. Find a template or design for the box online and then get to work on a hand and heartshaped engagement ring box. 

Now that we’ve provided several ideas on what approach or type of engagement ring box exists, below are some websites and businesses that make and sell special ring boxes in Canada.

  1. The Mrs. Box 

This Canadian company began when a loving fiance couldn’t find the perfect velvet box to make her champagne engagement ring look even more beautiful. This sweet company specializes in velvet and engraved ring boxes, so if you’re looking for a classic and ornate design, then this company can help. 
Visit The Mrs. Box at

      2. Weddingstar 

Weddingstar is an international and well-respected wedding industry leader that wants every customer that visits their stores or website to feel inspired for their wedding preparation. This Canadian store has collated all the products and details you’ll need to consider into one amazing website. From engagement ring boxes to wedding favours and decor - Weddingstar has a little bit of everything to offer and at a great price too. 
Visit Weddinstar at 

       3.The Crushed Crystal 

This company specializes and believes in the amazing properties of crystals, their products are unique, spiritual and inspiring. If you believe your love to be ‘out of this world,’ then there’s no better engagement ring box than a crystal. The Crushed Crystal doesn’t only make custom crystal ring boxes but many other crystal products - if your love is into spirituality and the power of crystals, then this Canadian store is perfect for you both.
Visit The Crushed Crystal at 

       4. The Wedding Shoppe

Another ‘one store wonder,’ Wedding Shoppe, is a proud family-owned Canadian store that has many products that fiances love to browse. They have engagement ring boxes that can be customized or adjusted to suit any wedding and occasion. 
Visit The Wedding Shoppe to get inspired at 

        5. Zakka 

Another great Canadian brand, Zakka, has many jewelry box designs to keep your precious engagement ring and other diamonds safe and secure. Zakka focuses on jewelry and what protective boxes and products can safeguard your engagement ring. What’s more, this e-commerce store operates 24/7 and makes sure none of its customers ever worry about unexpected import duties, broker fees or slow deliveries.
Visit Zakka today at

        6. The Nova Boxes

This Canadian store was begun by a loving Nova Scotian couple who specialize in velvet ring boxes. The founders of Nova Boxes wanted to ensure their Canadian customers could find the perfect colour, shape and style for their beloved engagement ring to rest inside. Browsing Nova Boxes’ website is a lesson in class and beauty, so buying their boxes can only be the same experience. 
Visit The Nova Boxes at   

       7. Birch & Bloom

Birch & Bloom is a passionate and home-based business operating from Edmonton, Alberta. This luxury brand is focused on bringing sensuality to wedding events and products. Browsing Birch & Bloom’s ring box collection can bring inspiration and excitement to purchasing your own engagement ring box. 
Visit Birch & Bloom at 

Now that we’ve discussed and explored the importance (nay, necessity) of having a special engagement ring box, there can be no doubt that a small detail (like a box) can become a sentimental, special and stylish touch to a proposal. 

Engagement ring boxes can 

  • improve the impact of a proposal, 
  • protect a precious item 
  • and display it beautifully when the ring cannot be worn 

So it’s up to you to choose that box wisely, since you may see it more often than you think.

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