Diamond Band Rings

Whether you are thinking about finding the perfect gift for someone you love or just want to treat yourself, diamond band rings are always a great choice. Diamond band rings are the perfect accessory for almost every occasion, making them a must-have jewelry piece for both men and women. These rings are available in a wide variety of styles and metals, giving you the option to find the piece that will perfectly suit your style. 

If you are still unsure about purchasing diamond band rings or the type of diamond band ring you should get, then you should keep reading this article. This article will highlight what you need to know about diamond band rings, including the different types of diamond band rings, which will give you all the information you need to ensure you purchase the right diamond band ring. 

Types of diamond band rings 

Diamond rings band includes all types of rings that have diamonds around the

band of the rings. This type of ring can consist of a ring with a few diamonds on its band or even rings with bands that are fully covered with diamonds. This means that there are many different types of diamond ring bands to choose from. However, the most well-known include: 

  • Infinity ring 
  • Eternity ring 
  • Cigar diamond band ring 

Metals in diamond band rings 

Choosing the type of precious metal you want your ring to have is important because this is the precious metal that will hold the diamonds on the ring into place. This is why it is important to choose a strong metal to ensure that you do not lose any of the diamonds over the years. Different types of metals have their levels of durability, lifespan, and price point. Five main types of precious metals are most commonly used in diamond band rings this includes: 

Yellow gold

Yellow gold or more commonly referred to as gold, is one of the most popular types of precious metals used in a wide range of jewelry pieces. Yellow gold has a yellow or gold colour. It is made from a mixture of pure gold combined with alloy metals. The alloy metals that are often used in this mixture include copper or zinc. 

However, gold pieces that are made with 24 Karat are not combined with any alloy metals. This means that a diamond band ring that has a band made with 24 Karat gold is just made with pure gold. On the other hand, rings made with 18 Karat gold usually have a mixture of 75% pure gold and 25% of alloy metals.  

Yellow gold is a good choice of precious metal for a diamond ring band. However, something to keep in mind is that pure gold can get easily scorched. This means that the higher percentage of pure gold in a ring, the more likely it will get scratched. This is why most people tend to stay away from 24 Karat gold rings for a ring that they plan on wearing every day because this ring will develop quite a few scratches over time. 

White gold 

White gold is commonly mistaken for silver because of the precious metal white-silver colour. However, this metal is, in fact, gold and it is made from a combination of pure gold and alloy metals. White gold has a higher percentage of alloy metals which is mixed with pure gold, which is why it has a different colour than yellow gold. However, like yellow gold, one of the alloy metals used to make white gold includes zinc. On the other hand, nickel can also be used in this combination of white gold.

Just like yellow gold, the higher the percentage of pure gold is percent in the ring, the higher the karat level will be, which means that white gold rings that are 18 karats will still be made with 75% pure gold and 25% alloy metals, just like yellow gold rings. White gold is usually a bit more expensive than yellow gold because this precious metal’s manufacturing process is a bit more complex. 

White gold is one of the better gold options if you want your ring to be made with a gold-type band. The main reason for this is that white gold is quite durable, meaning it will be less likely for the precious to get scratched. White gold can withstand more impact and pressure than yellow gold. 

White gold does not tarnish over time, so you will have the comfort of knowing that the lifespan of your ring made from this metal type will be long. If you are looking for a diamond band ring that you want to wear daily, then white gold is a precious metal type that you should keep in mind. 

Rose gold

Rose gold has become increasingly popular because of the precious metal’s unique pinkish colour. Unlike yellow gold and white gold, the combination that makes up rose gold does not include zinc. Rose gold is a great choice for people with nickel allergies who do not want to go with the classic yellow gold colour but still want a gold ring. Rose gold is made with a combination of pure gold and copper, giving this precious metal its unique colour. 

However, the amount of pure gold mixed with copper will impact the final colour of the precious metal. The copper is what contributes to the rare colour of rose gold. The more copper present in the combination, the redder the metal will look. Usually, most rose gold jewelry pieces are made with 75% of pure gold and 25% of copper. Like yellow and white gold made 75% pure gold have an 18 karat level, so will rose gold made with 75% pure gold. 

Rose gold is another great option as the type of metal used in a diamond band ring because of how durable this type of metal is. Rose gold is less likely to be scratched compared to both yellow and white gold. So if you are looking for a diamond band ring that you want to wear daily while you complete different activities, rose gold is a good option. Like all gold metals, rose gold does not tarnish over time, meaning it has a long lifespan. 


Platinium is also another precious metal that is often mistaken for silver. The precious metal has a white-silver colour that is similar to white gold but lighter. It is no secret that platinum is one of the best precious metals. This is because of several reasons, including its durability and rarity. Platinium is another metal that is a great choice for people who may have nickel allergies, as nickel is not used in the manufacturing process of metal. 

These precious metals are made with a combination of 95% pure platinum and 5% alloy, which is often iridium. One of the great things about this mixture is that iridium offers strength to this already quite durable metal, making it even stronger. Platinum does not scratch and does not require a lot of maintenance. This precious metal will also not discolour over time, unlike most other metals. 

The durability of platinum is the main reason it is a great choice for a diamond band ring, especially if you want a ring that you can wear daily. However, platinum is quite expensive, so if you are looking for a more affordable option, platinum might not be the metal type for your ring. 

Sterling silver 

Sterling silver is one of the more affordable metal options used for diamond band rings. This metal has the classic silver colour, which is one of the reasons why it may be so popular, as well as its price. Sterling silver jewellery has a combination of being made with silver and alloy metals like copper. Typically sterling silver jewelry pieces are made with 92.5% of silver, and 7.5% will be the other alloy metals. 

What may surprise most people is just how durable sterling silver is. This metal is considered to be more durable than gold. While the metal is lightweight, it does not get easily scratched and will not discolour easily. Sterling silver jewellery pieces usually have a lifespan of more than 20 years, which is quite impressive. 

Diamond band rings settings. 

There are quote few diamond band ring settings to choose from. This type of setting is used to hold the diamond in your ring in place. The setting that you choose plays a big role in the style of ring that you want. This is why it is important to familiarise yourself with the different settings to make sure you choose the ring ones. The most popular diamond settings that are often used in diamond band rings include: 

Channel settings

Diamond ring bands with channel settings include rings with diamonds secured between two vertical walls made from metal. This setting does not have any pieces of metals that separate the diamonds from each other but only the metal to hold all of the diamonds in place. 

Bar channel settings

The bar channel setting is similar to the channel setting where the diamonds are held between two vertical metal walls. However, this type of diamond setting differs because the diamonds are left open on two sides. This allows for more light to pass through the diamonds creating a bit more shine on the ring. 

Bezel settings

The bezel setting is one of the most common settings used on most diamond ring bands, especially for rings that have larger diamonds. This set features the diamonds, which are all invidiously surrounded by a metal rim, allowing the diamonds to be held tightly in place by this metal frame.

Prong settings 

The prong setting, which is also referred to as the claw setting, is another popular

setting used for many diamond rings. The prong setting features the diamonds, which are held in place by little pieces of metal on the corners or the crown of the diamonds. What’s great about this diamond ring setting is that the main focus of the ring is the diamonds because little metal is used to hold the diamond in place. However, they are secure. 

Different occasions for diamond band rings

While nobody needs a special occasion to buy a diamond ring band because they are a timeless, must-have piece of jewellery that will make anyone happy to receive. However, a diamond band ring can also be the perfect gift for special occasions like: 

  • Wedding - diamond band rings are quite a popular choice as a wedding band for both men and women. 
  • Anniversary - diamond band rings are the perfect gift to mark a special occasion like an anniversary. After all, diamond band rings like infinity or eternity ring symbolize infinite love making this the perfect anniversary gift. 
  • Engagement - while the most common choice for an engagement ring is a centre diamond on the ring band, quite a few people are moving away from this tradition and are opting for diamond ring bands instead. 
  • Everyday wear - diamond ring band makes the perfect ring to wear every day, especially if for work and running errands. However, when looking for a diamond ring band for everyday wear, it is important to choose a metal type that is quite durable, like platinum. 

Final thoughts

Diamond band rings are a must-have piece for anyone who loves jewelry. This ring screams elegance and luxury. It is one of the most versatile types of rings that can be perfect for a fancy night or a casual day running errands. 

One of the great things about diamond band rings is that you can find out what will suit your taste. Diamond band rings come in a wide range of different metals with different settings, including bar channel, channel, bezel, and prong settings. So whether you are someone who prefers your jewellery to be simple or you prefer more extravagant pieces, there will be a diamond bang ring to suit you. 

Now that you know what you need to know about diamond band rings, you will be ready to find the perfect ring for you or a loved one. So do not wait any longer and start browning through the wide selection of diamond band rings.


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