Cute Simple Rings

Cute Simple Rings

Simple rings can add a character and balance your outfit perfectly. These dainty jewelry pieces might be small, but they can drastically change your look. 

These rings feature a minimal design that creates a bold statement. Join us as we look at the different types of simple rings, how to style them, and some tips for wearing them. 

Nice rings

Concave rings

A concave ring is made of less metal than a standard-fit ring. The exterior surface of these rings is slightly concave and curves inwards. The concave shape makes the ring lightweight and more budget-friendly while maintaining its quality and durability. 

Summit ring

A summit ring is a good piece of jewelry if you are looking for an eye-catching, extraordinary ring. It features an asymmetrical design with a polished finish, resulting in a unique peak that will stand out. Mountain peaks inspire a summit ring. 

Twist ring

A twisted ring is a popular style of engagement ring. These rings look stunning

when they are decorated with diamonds, but they also hold important meanings. 

The twisted style of the ring represents the union of two people who are entwining their lives together. It represents the strong, woven bond between two lovers. 

These rings can also symbolize a celebration of a culture because of their Celtic knots. Celtic knots hold cultural significance and represent faith, family, and friendship. 

Pretty rings

Solitaire diamond rings

A solitaire diamond ring is a jewelry piece with a single diamond. There are no other gemstones to draw your attention away from the centrepiece. Emphasis is placed on the diamond as its brilliance decorates the ring, making it a classic engagement ring style.

Although a solitaire diamond ring only has one diamond, it does not have to have a minimalist look. 

Gemstone rings

Gemstone rings are extremely beautiful and are available in a selection of colours. Some people wear these rings simply because of their gorgeous colours, whereas others wear them more specifically for astrological reasons. 

Gemstones are widely known to bring positive vibrations and balance to various aspects of life. Each gemstone attracts vibrations from the planet that it represents. These precious rings contain incredible healing properties that can help heal the different ailments of life. 

Your aura and energy is also influenced by the colour of the gemstone you choose to wear. They reflect rays that can change your mood. 

Simple rings for women

Cross-hatched rings

A cross-hatched ring features intricate work with a polished finish. The pattern is created by using art machine technology to get a crisp, detailed texture along the center part of the ring. 

These simple but sophisticated rings are ideal for everyday use. 

Flat band rings

Flat band rings, also known as pipe-cut rings, are flat on top. The inner and outer edges of the ring shank are flat. There is no oval shape, unlike normal rings. 

They do not sit high on the finger and are great for people who are not used to wearing rings. Flat band rings are modern and have a contemporary style. 

Hammered bands

A hammered band features a trendy hammered finish that has a rugged look. This is very different compared to the smooth texture of normal bands. 

Hammered bands are available in a range of metals. This includes cobalt chrome, titanium, black zirconium, gold, and Damascus steel. 

Spiral rings

You can get different types of spiral bands. Some spiral rings are one solid metal band, while others are two bands tightly together. You can also find an open split shank. Spiral rings are contemporary and trendy. They create the illusion of the center stone blooming. 

Small rings

Bezel rings

A bezel ring is a ring that has a bezel setting where the diamond or gemstone is surrounded by metal. Bezels contain a thin rim of precious metal, either plain or

decorated. This rim of metal completely or partially encompasses the stone. This rim is slightly bent towards the stone to help the adhesive keep it in place. 

Bezels can have straight edges, curved edges, or can be moulded to the shape of the stone.

Woven rings

Woven rings are inspired by weaving techniques to create their unusual design. They are a great choice for engagement rings as they represent two lives woven together. They can also symbolize vows that two people have taken together. 

Stacker rings

Stacker rings feature a slender, minimalistic design. These thin pieces of metal are comfortable and durable for everyday wear. They can be worn by themselves or stacked with other rings to add a personalized touch to your style. 

Stacker rings come in a wide range of designs, including an open circle, a wishbone, and an infinity symbol.

Trendy rings

Cigar bands

Cigar bands mimic the paper band that you find on a cigar. These thick bands come in different designs, ranging from basic metal rings to intricate styles decorated with enamel or engravings. 

Cigar bands are defined by their sleek surface and are available in a range of widths. They are stylish and can even be stacked with thinner rings. 

Vintage rings

If you love creating vintage or retro looks, then vintage rings are a great accessory to complete your outfit. These antique rings are a fashion statement by themselves. Vintage rings portray luxury and look very expensive too. 

Chevron rings

Chevron rings, also known as wishbone rings, feature a classic inverted V shape. Chevron rings are trending and can be used as stacker rings too. 

But the chevron ring is also significant. This unique shaped ring represents the ups and downs we face in our daily life. 

How a chevron ring is worn can influence its meaning. A chevron pointing downwards represents Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. A chevron pointing upwards symbolizes the planet Mars, as well as warriors and the gods of war. 

The meaning of wearing rings on different fingers

People wear rings on particular fingers to radiate a certain kind of energy. How people arrange rings on their fingers gives clues about their personality and preferences. Let’s take a look at how palmistry explains the meaning behind each finger. 

The thumb

The thumb represents the Roman god Neptune and symbolizes character. Neptune was the god of water, so wearing a ring on your thumb may mean a change or a quick-moving personality. Wearing a ring on your thumb may also show some form of isolation from others. This is associated with creative people. 

The index finger

The index finger represents the Roman god Jupiter. Wearing a ring on this finger symbolizes power because Jupiter was the king of gods. People of authority, such as kings, would often wear a ring on this finger. 

People who wear a ring on this finger are powerful, authoritative figures who can adapt to different situations and take charge. Wearing a ring on the index finger highlights someone with strong confidence and high self-esteem. 

The middle finger

The middle finger represents the Roman god Saturn, who is associated with balance and identity. Saturn was Jupiter’s father, so the middle finger symbolizes wisdom and life's different roles and responsibilities. 

The middle finger is also the finger with the most balance and strength. It represents someone who is righteous, noble and has a strong sense of justice. A person who wears a ring on this finger is known to hold their values and responsibilities. 

The ring finger

The ring finger, also known as the wedding finger, represents the god, Apollo. Apollo is associated with poetry and music. He represents an individual’s artistic nature and overall well-being. People who wear a ring on this finger enjoy romance and humour. 

Western culture promotes wearing a ring on this finger because it is the only one that has an artery that runs directly to the heart. 

The pinky

The pinky finger represents Mercury and is associated with intelligence. This is also the finger that family crests are often worn on. 

People who wear a ring on their pinky finger on their active hand highlight good negotiating skills and the ability to express themselves. People who wear a ring on the same finger on their passive hand have a strong intuition and excellent listening skills.

How to style rings

An outfit is never complete without a set of well-placed rings, which have the power to enhance the simplest of outfits. 

Whether you want to keep it dainty or make a bold statement, there are various ways you can style your rings. You can do so much, from adding bursts of colour to mixing and matching metals.

Choose one statement piece.

If you want to make an elegant and simple statement, then you can use one glamorous ring on your ring finger. You should keep everything else to a minimum to avoid other accessories from clashing and stealing the limelight from the ring. 

Stacking rings

Stacking rings together is an easy way to make a statement, but you must find rings that blend well. Simple band rings are great for stacking. They will lie comfortably next to one another. 

Don’t be afraid of mixing metals. 

Wear a ring on every finger

A showstopper look is to wear a ring on each finger. But you want to make one finger stand out, preferably one of the middle fingers. Here you can stack large cocktail rings, but keep it simple with the other fingers. 

This is a statement look, so it’s best to avoid wearing other jewelry and allow your rings to be the center of attention. 

Alternate fingers

If you prefer a more delicate but bold look, then use two rings on every second finger. Try and use dainty rings that have small gemstones or delicate designs. 

It’s important to wear rings that blend together. Otherwise, it can look too complicated. Use rings that come in a set, or try to build your own set. 

Add a burst of colour

Adding a bold ring with colour to your look is sure to pack a punch, but this depends on the ring's size. Rainbow jewelry is trending, and it can enhance your everyday look. 

Try matching the hue of your ring with your clothing and accessories, like your shoes or a bag. 

Tips for wearing rings

  • A ring can highlight your relationships. Every ring carries a direct or subliminal message. They can also be a symbol of wealth and power. The size of a diamond can tell how rich a person is. 
  • Always remember that rings won’t work unless you are confident in them. If you are not used to wearing a ring, start wearing one at home until you become accustomed to it. Once you are comfortable with the weight of the ring, then you can start wearing it out in public. 
  • The ring you wear must be in proportion to your hand. If you have small hands, you must balance proportion by wearing a dainty ring. But wearing a larger ring is not an issue if you have big hands. 
  • How you balance your ring with other jewelry is important. If you want to wear more than one ring, evenly distribute them among your fingers. 
  • Consider the metals and how they complement your skin tone. You should wear silver metal if you have a cool skin tone. People with warm skin tones should wear gold metal to complement their complexion. 

Our thoughts on cute simple rings

Cute simple rings can be used daily or for special occasions; it just depends on how you style them. They are great to add to any outfit, whether it’s a sweater, jeans, or an evening gown. 

We hope that our article has been helpful and shown you the different ways you can style your rings to create a statement look.

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