Our Services During COVID-19

Our Services During COVID-19

*Updated August 27th 2020*

With the opening of non-essential retail businesses with a street entrance being allowed we want to highlight that although we will gradually ease back into deliverable services, we will not be returning back to "normal" as we feel that it is socially responsible to implement strategies that protect our stakeholders being you, our employees & the community until an effective medical solution is discovered. If you are feeling unwell then we want you to stay at home & to reschedule any appointment you have booked with us.

As usual, you can only visit us if you have a previously booked appointment as we run a by appointment only design studio.

We are offering contactless material trade in's and/or product pick up under the following procedures, all design consultations are run online via Zoom.

Contactless Product Pick Up and/or Evaluation:

  • When you have arrived at our store approach the roll up window in the entrance of the door.
  • We will have the pieces in which you have informed us prior to your appointment ready for you to view and try on in person.
  • After you have finished viewing each piece we will place them into a container to be sanitized.
  • You can then either purchase directly through our website or via our POS in which will be sanitized prior to your usage.
Contactless Material Trade In:
  • When you have arrived at our store approach the roll up window in the entrance of the door.
  • On the counter we will have container in which you can place your pieces in which you’re trading in, into.
  • We will sanitize and visually assess each piece and provide a trade in value based on the physical observations.
  • Once the valuation has been agreed on for health & safety abidance we will take your material downstairs to our studio to either nitric acid test the metal or grade your stones.
  • By allowing us to take your material downstairs to test you agree to the fact that this is a destructive test meaning that through acid testing there will be a file mark(s) and stain. We do not accept responsibility for damage of pieces in which turn out to be synthetic and returned to you.
  • Once we have verified your material we will pay via e-transfer, if you opt for a gift card we will pay an extra 15% on top of the quoted amount. This is non exchangeable after the fact.

What we are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when processing your product:

  • Before working on your order we sanitize all working areas your order will come into contact with.
  • We are using a non medical mask.
  • We are using sanitized gloves that have not come into with our faces nor any other surfaces other than the sanitized one we are working on for your order.

Stay happy & healthy,

The Malleable Jewellers Team

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