Classic Engagement Rings

There are several styles of engagement rings available today. From trendy and sparkly rings to classy engagement rings, knowing what to look for in an engagement ring can be difficult at times. 

The best option is to choose a style of ring that meets your requirements. If you are unsure of where to start your search for the perfect engagement ring, a good place to start is with classic engagement rings. 

In this post, we cover everything you need to know about classic engagement rings, from the popular ring styles to classic stone shapes. 

What are classic engagement rings?

Classic engagement rings feature a simple and elegant ring style. Trends will come and go, but the classy ring style will remain dazzling forever. Classic diamond rings with a traditional cut and no-frills will never go out of style. These are timeless engagement rings that cut straight to the point. 

Classic engagement rings are the perfect combination of simplicity

and trendiness. Due to their timeless beauty, these traditional engagement rings are appreciated by all generations. They can be handed down to the next generation as a significant heirloom in your family. 

These sophisticated rings are embodied with simple details on a traditional band and metal. There are plenty of ring styles that fall under the classic category, including solitaire and halo styles. However, the ring’s finer details are what makes it classic. 

True classic style rings feature designs that include a traditional round brilliant-shaped stone, yellow gold, or a basket setting. 

The benefits of classic engagement rings

Classic engagement rings offer a variety of benefits due to their simplicity and timeless design. Versatility is one of the benefits that stand out with classic engagement rings. These rings may even be more affordable than rings with more bold details. 


A classic engagement ring with a simple, unaccented band gives you the flexibility to experiment with a range of exquisite matching bands. You will have options when it comes to styling your wedding rings. 

You can start stacking your rings and incorporating new bands when a trendy style catches your attention. These classic rings also complement traditional wedding rings. Furthermore, you will even be able to interchange your rings and wear them on your right hand or as cocktail rings when the occasion calls for it. 

Timeless design

An additional benefit of classy engagement rings is their everlasting style. Choosing an engagement ring is a huge decision. It is a piece of jewellery that you will wear throughout your life, and it’s something that everyone will see. 

As engagement rings come with a big price tag, the majority of people will not be able to upgrade their rings. So, the style you choose now will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

That is why it is important to choose a style that you know will look just as beautiful in the years to come. If you pick the right design elements, such as a traditional centre stone or a simple setting style, you will guarantee that your design will remain fashionable forever. 

Sophisticated and beautiful

Classy engagement rings are the perfect blend of elegance and beauty. The best part is that you can add details that are currently in fashion to your classic ring. For example, adding a double band or claw prongs. 

These design details will not change the fact that the ring is classic, but they will give a ring an extra flair. These small features can represent the current time in your life. 

Popular styles of classic engagement rings

Your classic engagement ring style can be inspired by a variety of design features. It’s best to first research and explore as many ring styles as you can. This will help you narrow down the finer design details you want on your ring, making the process of choosing the perfect ring so much easier. 

Although there are a plethora of classic engagement ring styles available, we have outlined the top five most popular ring styles. 


One of the most iconic engagement ring styles is the solitaire. This classic ring style features a single stone (most likely a diamond) at the centre, paired with a simple metal band that draws attention to the centre stone. 

This ring style is all about the stone, so make sure you invest in a quality gemstone. As this design is super simple, you have a choice from a range of centre stone shapes. The oval-shaped stones look breathtaking at the centre of the stage. However, more elaborate shapes, such as Emerald, are also available.

If you choose a round-cut diamond shape for your solitaire, you can choose between a bezel setting and a prong setting. These settings tightly hold your diamond in place with custom-fit metal to prevent your stone from falling. 

You can even upgrade your stone to a larger gemstone. A huge centre stone will be beautiful in a solitaire setting and will ensure that your engagement ring has heads turning. 

Although solitaires feature a simple design, there is room for customization. You can choose your favourite diamond shape with the setting of your choice. You even have the option to choose from a variety of carat weights. 

Another great thing about solitaires is that they complement any shade of metal, from yellow gold and white gold to rose gold and platinum. 

Lastly, the simplicity of solitaires allows you to pair them with just about anything. Regardless of your fashion sense, a solitaire will complete your look. 


Three-stone engagement rings are a popular choice because of their symbolic value that most other engagement rings do not possess. These sentimental rings represent a couple’s past, present, and future. 

The three-stone ring features a big centre stone accompanied by two smaller diamonds or gemstones on either side. The first stone represents your past together and how you achieved the love and commitment, you currently have. The glimmering centre stone features your present and the current devotion you both are experiencing. The third stone signifies the future you have together and the beautiful memories you are about to create. 

Three-stone engagement rings are not only adored for their romantic symbolism but also for their beauty. These rings are a dazzling alternative to the solitaire style, as they offer the same simplicity but with extra sparkle. 

You can find these rings in a variety of stone cuts and styles. They are versatile and can be paired with a simple or more glamorous band of any metal colour of your choice.

However, three-stone engagement rings require more upkeep and cleaning than single-stone or solitaire designs. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your three-stone ring is paired poorly, the side stones can overpower or distract from the sparkle of the centre stone. 

These rings consist of the perfect blend of classic style and radiance. Three-stone engagement rings are ideal if you are looking for a timeless ring that shines more brilliantly than others. 


The most glamorous classic engagement ring style is the accented ring. This glitzy ring offers extra sparkle by placing many accent stones along with the band or around the centre stone, creating an illusion of a halo. 

The accent stones are often smaller diamonds, commonly referred to as pave diamonds or micro pave. However, there are some accented designs featuring bold gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. 

Accented engagement ring styles are available in a wide selection of designs and beautifully complement any stone cut and shape. Oval and pear centre stone shapes paired with round brilliant accents give a modern twist to this classic and timeless style. 

You can find accents in a range of settings, such as shared or channel prong settings. These finer details create unique features that showcase your personality and style. 

Accent-style engagement rings are also suitable for handing down to the next generation, as they maintain their value and sparkle. It is a highly sentimental thing to hand down an engagement ring with sparkling accent stones. 

If you are all about the glitz and glamour but still want an engagement ring that is classic and will stand the test of time, then the accent style is a perfect choice. But bear in mind that you will need to properly care for and clean the stones to keep them in good condition in the years to come.


Halo engagement rings are fairly new but are popular because they radiate beauty and offer plenty of sparkles. If you are looking for a ring that draws attention, then you will love the halo style. 

Despite the glamour of the halo style, which makes it unlike any other ring, it is also classic enough to wear daily. 

The halo style features accent stones that are either diamonds or vibrant gemstones that encircle the large centre stone to create a halo effect. This illusion makes your centre stone appear to be almost one-half carat larger than it is. 

This can be a great way to save money on a smaller-carat diamond without compromising the brilliance and aesthetic appeal of your engagement ring. 

The halo setting is perfectly complemented with oval, emerald, or round-

shaped diamonds or gemstones. You can also find this style available in different settings, such as the double halo or solitaire halo setting. 

Halo-style rings are usually paired with pave bands but can look just as beautiful on a simple metal band. It is entirely up to you how much detail and sparkle you desire in your ring.

Because of the number of stones it contains, it must be properly cared for and maintained. It’s also worth knowing that resizing a halo ring can be challenging, depending on the number of accent stones placed along with the band.


Vintage engagement rings are often designed to fit particular periods of jewellery fashion. They could feature Edwardian filigree, vibrant gemstones, which were popular in the Victorian era, or symmetry designs during Art Deco. 

The majority of the rings include detailed work such as milgrain and filigree. Filigree is a type of intricate metalwork that joins together small metal beads or intertwined threads of metal to the ring’s surface. 

Milgrain engraving, on the other hand, is a kind of embellishment featured on vintage ring styles to give them an antique appearance. This usually consists of small metal balls placed on the sides of the band and the crown of the ring. 

Vintage rings are filled with charm and character that go back in time. A well-designed vintage ring can highlight the beauty of the centre stone. 

You can even combine inspiration from different eras or add a modern touch to your ring design to create a unique, personalized engagement ring. 

Classic engagement ring stone cuts

Now that you are aware of the popular classic engagement ring styles, you can familiarize yourself with common traditional stone shapes. Whether you prefer a solitaire or three-stone ring, there are a variety of classic stone shapes you can choose from.

Round cut

A round-cut engagement ring is the most popular and classic shape for a solitaire, halo, or three-stone ring. 

Princess cut

If you are seeking a timeless and sophisticated centre stone shape, then you should consider the princess cut. This shape is popular in solitaire and three-stone styles because of the captivating sparkle the square-cut creates. 

Emerald cut

An emerald-cut engagement ring is truly a classic shape that dates back to the Art Deco era. This cut boasts elegance and sophistication. 

Cushion cut

A cushion-cut engagement ring features a vintage style that is timeless and classic. The cushion cut is a popular shape because the rounded edges offer sparkle from all angles. 

Oval cut

One of the most popular engagement rings over the years is the oval-cut ring. This shape is not only classic but also modern. You can never go wrong with a timeless oval-cut ring. 

Final thoughts

It’s challenging to find an engagement ring that will be in a fashion not only today but also later down the line. Classic engagement rings offer just that. They are timeless and come in a variety of settings and styles, which you can customize to suit your taste. 

We hope that our guide to classic engagement rings will help you discover the right engagement ring for you.


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