A guide to stacked wedding rings

When you say “I do,” you’re not just getting a lifelong partner. You’re also getting a new ring you’re committing to wearing daily. But today, we don’t have to stick to just one ring.  

Modern stacked engagement rings and stacked wedding rings can be both daring and unique. Today, we can wear our engagement ring with our wedding ring. Nowadays, we have more options than just wearing these rings on the same finger. 

Stackable wedding rings and stackable engagement rings have become a growing trend. Stacking these rings can be both for celebrating relationship milestones and becoming part of your daily look. 


What are stackable engagement rings and stackable wedding rings? 

Stacked engagement and wedding rings will consist of a few thin rings worn on the same finger. Sometimes, the rings might not be part of an interlocking design. But they always have a dazzling effect while being comfortable to wear. 

There are different styles of stackable bands. You can purchase all your bands at once to wear them at the wedding ceremony. You can also buy the bands separately for particular moments such as anniversaries and your child being born. 

A big myth about stacked wedding and engagement rings is that these terms only refer to traditional bridal sets of rings, including a wedding and engagement ring worn together. These sets will often have interlocking designs and include two pieces. 

With a glance, these sets might have similar characteristics, but with a closer look, you’ll notice that stacked designs will have a wider and matching design. If you want to change the look of these sets, you can reset the stones in the rings in another band. You can do this instead of adding other bands to your existing set. 

There is a particular advantage to having a stackable wedding ring, especially in our modern age. The bride can customize the ring she’ll wear with stacked engagement rings and wedding rings daily. 

Stackable wedding rings and engagement rings have a versatile look, so brides can mix and match their meaningful pieces to match different outfits daily. Mixing and matching bands and rings are convenient because a bride’s tastes might change drastically over time.  

Why choose stackable engagement rings?

An engagement ring and a wedding ring, stacked or not, has two primary purposes; showing your true love to the world and looking gorgeous on your finger. Stackable wedding rings and stackable engagement rings can give your rings a touch of sparkle.

There are a few other benefits to choosing stacked engagement rings. The first benefit we’ve already mentioned. Stackable wedding rings allow brides to customize their wedding rings to suit their day-to-day lifestyle. 

The second benefit of stackable wedding rings is that they are an excellent option for adding an extra shine and glimmer to your wedding from all angles. If a bride uses smaller stones, in the case of stacked diamond rings, the bride will dazzle anyone who looks at her rings. 

The third and last reason you should stackable wedding rings is that they have a modern look and are versatile. The versatility of stackable rings is that they allow brides to change their style of rings as their style changes. 

Different types of stackable wedding rings 

If you’re looking for stacking ring ideas, you have various options. You can choose from simple stacked wedding rings to stackable wedding rings in various colours, sizes and shapes to match your taste. 

Below, we’ve listed some of the more popular characteristics of stackable wedding rings and stackable engagement rings. 

Champagne stack 

The Champagne Stack resembles how delicate and tiny champagne bubbles float in a champagne class. This design of stackable wedding rings includes bands with round edges and adjoining circles that are complimented by sparkling stones. The general effect of this stone is that the ring plays with the light.

Eclectic stack

In most cases, traditional stacked wedding rings will include the same stone cuts and metals and share the same look. However, the Eclectic Stack will allow brides more freedom with style. 

The differences in this type of stacked wedding ring make this set beautiful. For example, a combination of white gold mixed with rose gold or yellow rings with several stones in various cuts that shine and sparkle. 

Enclosure stack

An “Enclosure Stack” of stacked wedding rings will include stacked bands designed to fit together. With this type of stackable wedding ring and stackable engagement ring, it will usually have a set of three or five rings. 

The band that has the biggest stone, for example, with stacked diamond rings, will be in the middle and surrounded by thin ring bands that will arch or bend away to create a dramatic effect.  

This style of stacked wedding rings will draw any admirer’s attention to the middle of your ring and frame the center stone beautifully.


Glam wall stack

A glam wall stack of stackable wedding rings matches channel-set stones or pave-style stones that sit levelled with each other. This stack creates a dazzling effect with each movement of your hand and fingers. With this style, the glam stack will need three bands so that it won’t be uncomfortable on your fingers. 

Nested stack

The nested stack of the stacked wedding rings will have matching rings stacked asymmetrically with other shapes and concentric half-circles. This design is meant to resemble a ripple in a pond. 

The “Nested Stack” look was inspired by the Art Deco movement and 1920s engagement rings. These rings often included tiers and interspersed shapes in their design. 

Different styles of stackable rings

Antique & vintage

Antique-inspired stacked wedding rings are a perfect way to show the woman you love with an Old Mine cut or an Old European cut. These antique-inspired rings are an ideal option for women who want a ring that has a vintage look to them. 

Colourful gemstones

If you want to add something playful to your stackable wedding rings, you can choose to have coloured gemstones instead of opting for traditional stacked diamond rings. Recently, colour stones in stackable wedding rings have been a growing trend. 

Adding colourful gemstones to your wedding will be an expected move, whether pink, bright jewels, or a beautiful ombre of tonal colours. 


Chunky stacked engagement wedding rings add an extra sparkle by including chunky stacked diamond rings. Stacked diamond rings have always been a classic for wedding and engagement rings. So when these diamond wedding rings are stacked, they won’t go out of style. 


If you want stacked wedding rings that give a more subtle look, you can always choose to have a delicate wedding band that lets your true love be the center of attention. 

If you prefer something understated, you can choose to have a stack of delicate, beautiful rings. For example, you can decide on diamond stacked rings with delicate designs with sparkling diamonds.


If you want to show your rebel side with your stackable wedding rings, you can always opt for an edgy design for a double-take. Gone are the days when you could only choose traditional styles. 

You can choose an edgy design even if you have a stacked engagement ring with a classic design. At Malleable Jewellers, we can help you mix shapes and metals to design customized stackable wedding rings. 

Mixing metals

If you’re something of a fashion-conscious rebel, you might want to mix metals in stacked wedding rings. Mixing metals can help you find the right balance with chunky bands such as delicate stacked diamond rings. 

Modern style 

If a vintage style isn’t to your liking, you can always choose something that is more modern. These modern designs can include pyramid spikes, natural curves and diamond-filled hexagons to create a truly modern stacked wedding ring. 

To create a modern ring, you can play and experiment with different shapes, metals, and stones. Experimenting while customizing your stacked engagement rings or stacked wedding rings will allow you to create a clean and modern look. 


How to care for stacked rings 

Stackable wedding rings and stackable engagement rings are made to be more than a beautiful jewelry piece on your finger. The bands are made to fit one another, which can lead to dullness, and skin oils are an issue with the stone settings of stacked diamond rings. 

In most cases, stacked engagement rings will be set outside the band instead of just the top edges. This placement means these stones will need to be cleaned more often to keep shining. You can do this by visiting a jeweller or cleaning your stones with jewelry cleaning solutions.

Other substances such as lotions, perfumes, and household cleaners can negatively affect your stacked wedding rings and stones. Your rings will lose their shine and become difficult to polish. 

When wearing stacked wedding rings, you should take them off before using a hand lotion or perfume to keep your rings sparkling. You should also avoid having a bath or taking a shower while wearing your stacked wedding rings. 

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should consider keeping a secure ring tray nearby to keep your ring away from the sink. A ring tray will give your stacked rings a safe and easy-to-find place to rest while working in the kitchen. 

Final thoughts

Stackable wedding rings and stackable engagement rings are beautiful and eye-catching ways to celebrate your wedding day and significant moments in your marriage. 

Today, you don’t only have the option of wearing your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger. Brides have different possibilities for stacking ring ideas, from simple, stacked wedding rings to modern, edgy, stackable wedding rings. 

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