1 ct Diamond Earrings

The size of diamond earrings depends on your personal preference and on the occasion they are being worn on. But there are some advice that can give you an indication of what size diamond earrings are too big or too small. 

In this article, we’ll look at the ideal diamond earring size and some of the general guidelines surrounding the size and carat of diamond earrings. 

What does "carat" mean in terms of diamonds?

A carat is a specific unit of measurement in the diamond industry that measures the weight of a diamond. One carat of diamond earrings is equivalent to 200 milligrams.

Most often, people assume that a diamond’s size is the same as its carat weight, but this is not always true. Similar to a human body, the larger a diamond is, the heavier it will be. But there are other elements that influence the size too. 

One such element is a diamond’s cut. The cut of a diamond influences its diameter and brilliance. Diamonds with an inferior cut will keep their heavy weight. But they are hidden in the base of the diamond with minimal surface on top, so they appear to be smaller than they actually are. 

Understanding the carat total weight

When you are searching for a pair of diamond earrings, you must be aware that they will be listed with their total carat weight (ctw). The carat total weight accounts for the weight of all the diamonds in the pair of earrings. 

If you are looking for a pair of 1 carat diamond earrings, each of the two diamonds within the pair of diamond earrings will weigh 0.5 ctw. So you will have two 0.5 carat diamond earrings. 

Understanding carat total weight when you’re shopping for diamonds is important because you will get the right size you’ve been searching for instead of half the size.

Think about where you want to wear your diamond earrings

When you choose your diamond earring size, you need to consider where you will be wearing the earrings. If you’re looking for a pair to wear on a daily basis, then you may want to opt for something smaller. 

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to stick between 0.25 carat total weight and 1ct diamond earrings for everyday use. If you’re looking for a pair of diamond earrings that you will wear for occassions, then it’s best to go bigger and get diamonds that are more than 1 carat total weight. 

These are mere guidelines; you can go outside of them if it fits with your style. If you enjoy looking glamorous every day, then you may want to stick with larger diamonds for your everyday use. If you prefer more dainty and understated pieces of jewellery for special occasions, then you may want to buy smaller diamonds for special events. 

Most popular size for diamond earrings

When it comes to diamond earrings, it’s not one size that fits all kinds of accessories. Every person has their own unique taste and style. So, a diamond size that is ideal for one person may be too small or too big for the next person. 

However, there is one diamond size that is more popular than others: 1 ct diamond earrings. One carat total weight diamond earrings consist of two 0.5 carat diamonds. In a pair of round-cut diamonds, each 0.5 carat is approximately 5mm in diameter. 

This size of diamond earring is becoming increasingly popular because of its versatility. It’s ideal for wearing everyday and even special events. Plenty of people enjoy wearing 1ct diamond earrings with both casual and formal attire. 

Diamond quality affects visual presence

Carat weight is one of the 4Cs of diamonds and is a great indicator of how big a diamond is. The more a diamond weighs, the larger it will be. But carat weight is not the only one of the 4Cs that influences how big your diamonds will appear. 

Diamond cut, diamond clarity, and diamond colour also affect how big a diamond appears to the naked eye. A whiter, more brilliant diamond will appear to be bigger. 

A diamond’s cut grade significantly impacts how big your diamond looks. It is human nature to perceive things that are more sparkly or reflective as being bigger. 

When a diamond is well cut, it is remarkably brilliant and appears to be bigger than it actually is. But if a diamond is poorly cut, it can be dull, which will make it appear to be smaller. 

That is why we highly recommend only buying diamonds that have an excellent or very good cut grade. When you go for the good cut grade and lower, diamonds start looking less brilliant and much smaller than they are. 

The advantages of wearing diamond earrings

Diamonds are made purely out of carbon. The carbon atoms connect in a distinctive way under the surface of the earth, creating stunning diamonds which are transformed into beautiful jewelry. 


The cost of fancy-cut diamonds for diamond earrings is one of the best advantages. Fancy-shaped diamonds are usually 25% to 40% less expensive than round diamonds. 

Round diamonds are more costly for two main reasons. Firstly, cutting a round diamond loses more raw diamond. So diamond cutters have to pay more to cut round diamonds. 

Secondly, round diamonds are incredibly popular. 

Distinctive style

A diamond stays forever. The surface of a solid diamond is extremely longlasting. Diamond earrings are rarely ever broken. So you are investing in something that will last. 

Diamonds can also be customised in a variety of ways. You can add other gemstones, a crystal heritage diamond, or a pave-cut style. 

The overall design of your diamond earrings will depend on the diamond shape you choose. Fancy-shaped diamonds come in a range of different styles. Each shape boasts its own style, allowing you to choose one that suits your unique style. 

Value for money

As fancy-shaped diamonds are less costly than round diamonds, they can get you the best value for your money. Some fancy-shaped diamonds even appear larger per carat, which can help you get even more value for your money. 

Pear shaped, emerald cut, marquise cut, and oval-cut diamonds are stunning diamond shapes that look bigger per carat than other diamond shapes. 

Carat weight gives you an idea of how large a diamond can be, but different shapes have their weight unevenly distributed, so certain shapes look smaller or bigger per carat than others. 

Excellent investment opportunity

If you plan to turn precious jewellery into an investment option, then diamonds should definitely be included in your investment strategy. According to market traders, diamonds yield great returns. There is a consistent price uptrend. You can even insure your diamonds if you are worried about losing them. 

Diamonds are inflation-proof, very much like other tangible assets such as gold and silver. However, diamond jewellery is more mobile and a more sustainable investment than other physical items. 

Spiritual advantage

Gemstones have the ability to influence the person who is wearing them in ways that can improve their lives. The diamonds encourage the person to perform good deeds that are rewarded with praise and recognition. These stones also tap into a mood of spiritual ecstasy and empower the person to bravely face their challenges. 

Diamonds are known to remove inferiority complexes. It is recommended as a cure for artists who are going through a creative block. 

People who believe in the healing powers of gemstones believe that diamonds have the ability to avoid negativity and maintain good health. 

Sparkle range

The brilliance of diamond earrings is one of the factors that makes them so aesthetically appealing. There is a range of sparkles to choose from, with fancy shaped diamonds. A brilliant cut or a step cut are the most popular diamond cuts in fancy shaped diamonds. 

Brilliant cut diamonds consist of several tiny facets that are designed to enhance the brightness of the diamond. This is, of course, the white light that a diamond radiates. 

The most common round cut diamond is a round brilliant diamond with a brilliant cut. Fancy shaped diamonds all have brilliant cuts, so they will look comparable to a round brilliant cut diamond with regards to light reflection. 

People generally choose brilliant-cut diamond earrings because they sparkle a lot more. Brilliant-cut white diamonds are a great choice for diamond studs because they pop with brightness from a distance. 

Step cut diamonds have long, horizontal edges and a wide open table. They are very different from brilliant-cut diamonds. Step cut diamonds look more open and reflect more light. 

Step cut diamonds are not as common as brilliant cut diamonds for studs. They are just as beautiful, but have a distinct appearance. Step cut diamond earrings are popular because they are trendy and fashionable. They have a glacial, shimmery appearance, which is elegant and captivating. 

Why are 1 carat diamond earrings the perfect gift?

It is entirely up to you whether you feel that diamond earrings are the best gift for a loved one. You may want to consider a diamond bracelet or a diamond pendant. But below are some of the reasons why diamond earrings are thought to be the perfect gift. 

  • Diamond earrings can be gifted on any occasion, whether it's a graduation, birthday, or wedding. 
  • There is an endless range of diamond earring designs available. You don’t have to stick with a stud if your loved one prefers something with more movement. 
  • Earrings are appropriate for people of all ages and genders.
  • Earrings are ideal for everyday use and for special occasions too. 
  • Diamond earrings complement all types of skin tones. 
  • Diamond earrings can hold a lot of sentimental value.
  • Diamond earrings can be a very intimate gift if you opt to choose specific diamonds.

Final thoughts

Diamond earrings are a must-have in every jewellery box. They are stunning, classical accessories that never go out of fashion. 

We hope this guide to 1 carat diamond earrings has been useful as you shop for your perfect pair of diamond earrings.

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